Products I've used up #19

Empties: The Body Shop Rainforest Shine shampoo (here) The Body Shop Smoky Rose perfume (here) Cabotine Rose perfume (similar here) Garnier Moisture Restore night cream (here) Suddenly Diamonds perfume (similar here) Bourjois 1-2-3 Perfect foundation (here) Korres White Tea fluid gel cleanser (here) Blistex medicated lip balm (here)

I'm not sure whether it's because it's winter, so I'm getting through products more quickly, or if it's just that everything seems to run out at once, but I've got another empties post today despite posting quite the haul in November. I included the conditioner to this Rainforest Shine shampoo from The Body Shop then, and I've now finished the shampoo, too. This was nice, but not something I'd re-buy, despite being hopeful I'd love it; I just didn't feel it moisturised my hair enough and because my hair is so long, it's something I definitely need.

Skincare is quite well represented here; I finished up this Korres White Tea cleanser, which I loved; it has a really fresh, clean scent and lathers up nicely to really leave your face feeling clean. I mentioned it first in this post about my Korres collection and I would consider re-buying; at the moment I've got an Arbonne cleanser I'm really enjoying but I really liked the way this Korres one left my skin feeling. I also used up a night cream; this Garnier one was bought in desperation as I needed one, my usual Botanics favourite had sold out and this was on offer. It was ok; it's a gel-cream so is quite lightweight and non-greasy and had quite a nice, if slightly medicinal, fragrance, but I didn't find it as good for my skin as what I have replaced it with-my favourite Stream Cream (more on that here)

Only one cosmetic item this time, in the form of this Bourjois 1-2-3 foundation. I really liked this, but fear I can't repurchase as I got this on special for £5 or so because they have discontinued this shade. So annoying! I've got about half a bottle of the Healthy Mix foundation to finish up, and then I've got a whole tube of Korres BB cream, so I am pretty well stocked up on foundations at the minute. Despite being interested in beauty I don't feel the need to buy lots of different products, even though this can be tempting, so it's quite nice when I only have one of each of the products I use in my bathroom cabinet! I have also almost finished this Blistex lipbalm; possibly this is my all-time favourite go-to lipbalm, I love this and will forever repurchase it!

I've got through a lot of fragrances this month, too, although most of them were almost finished before I started using them anyway! I've got to a point where I have run out of perfume, which again is quite nice as so often I've bought loads of fragrances and then never used them or not got around to finishing them off before they go a bit funny. My mum kindly gave me a bottle of one of my all-time favourite scents, Estee Lauder's Bronze Goddess, for Christmas, and I wear that all through the summer, choosing Karma by Lush in the winter months as it's slightly heavier, although I've run out of this so will need to repurchase it too! I also finished up a Body Shop Smoky Rose, another favourite of mine (which I think they have also discontinued-noooooo!) and I made myself finish this Cabotine Rose perfume which I have decided I don't really like; I love rose scents but this one is too artificial for my liking. My best friend Casey gave me this Suddenly Diamonds fragrance last year and I have really enjoyed wearing it; it's a really good dupe for Boss Orange and the scent stays on the skin for a really long time, so it's been a good daytime choice-thanks Case!

XO Amie
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