Products I regret buying #3

 products I regret buying, Seventeen on the spot foundation, Accessorize prime time, Vaseline intensive care hand cream with anti bac
products I regret buying, Seventeen on the spot foundation, Accessorize prime time, Vaseline intensive care hand cream with anti bac

I don't very often post disappointing products roundups, mainly because I try not to buy too many products that I don't know much about, for this very reason; I hate wastage and I always try and use up what I have before buying more of it. I have written a couple of previous posts about products that I was unhappy with here and here and you can see they are from 2013 and 2014 respectively so I feel like I have quite a good track record with buying decent beauty products! I also reviewed some dry shampoos that I wasn't feeling, way back over a year ago and you can check that post out here, but since then I've not found anything too hopeless!

I've only got 4 items to talk about in this post and they are all things I've picked up fairly recently, with the exception of the foundation which I've had hanging about in the cupboard for ages, and have tried on several occasions to make it work for me, to no avail! This is the Seventeen 'On the Spot' foundation for blemish prone skin, in the shade soft ivory. The colour match was pretty good on this, and to be fair I think it's my skin that's the problem, not the product, but this just would not apply nicely. I tried several different methods; brushes, fingers, beauty blenders, but no luck-it always applied streaky and when I tried to smooth it out with my fingers or tools, it would separate and flake. Perhaps it is intended for more oily skin, or perhaps I'm just applying it incorrectly, but I can't ever get this to look nice for more than about 5 minutes and that's why its heading for the bin!

I was given this Accessorize 'Prime Time' primer at an event and again, try as I might to like it, I just can't get on with it. It's a really weird consistency; like baking soda toothpaste and it applies so oily. It makes my face feel greasy and whilst it did sheer out when I applied my foundation, I just didn't like it as a base product. I have been using my Max Factor FaceFinity primer which is of a much lighter consistency and whilst it doesn't give that almost powdery layer that some primers provide, I just much prefer the finish and feel to the Accessorise one. 

I always seem to suffer from dry, chapped hands so a hand cream is one of my handbag essentials. I picked up this Vaseline intensive care one as it was reduced and I thought it would be good to try out. There's nothing really wrong with it although I find it very lotion-like, as opposed to a cream; you have to apply quite a lot to get the coverage you need and then it feels greasy and doesn't absorb well. I was disappointed with this as I thought it would be a really useful everyday product to have in my bag but I have been sticking to my Aveeno one that I much prefer, although it is expensive it's definitely worth it.

The final item to mention is this makeup brush from M&S. I bought this as I was looking for a replacement for a blusher brush that I have used and loved for many years, but unfortunately this one is not it! The bristles are really ineffective and it's hard to pick up and apply product with it. The angled shape is good, but because the application is quite poor, the bristles just splay out rather than keeping any sort of shape which makes it hard to get a precise finish.

If you have any of these products and love them, please advise me on what I'm doing wrong! Should I be applying them any differently, do you have any tips that might make them work better for me? Or should I just admit defeat and bin the lot?!

XO Amie
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