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palm trees in portugal
portuguese cat in olhao
seagulls in olhao portugal
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sunshine in olhao portugal
seagulls in olhao portugal
grubby cat in olhao portuagl
olhao portugal
olhao harbour portugal
portugal olhao seagull travel

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It's January, and it's raining/cold/miserable, so I am transporting myself back to April of 2013 when Adrian and I went to Portugal on holiday. For just over a week we wandered around the cobbled streets, soaked up the sun, ate delicious food, watched birds by the harbour and lazed on the sun terrace. It was wonderful. In the evenings we watched films and totally relaxed. I think it was the most chilled out holiday I've ever had and after 3 years of festival holidays since, I could do with another! Festivals are always amazing but the focus is on enjoying doing and seeing as much as you can whilst there, so rest and relaxation takes more of a back seat.

I think the only way to get through the drudge of the earliest and grimmest months of the year is to book a holiday, take a holiday, or at least start to plan your holiday so you have something to look forward to. The nice thing about going outside of the main summer months is that you can still enjoy the heat and sunshine (Portugal was in the 30's most days) and then come back to a bit more of an English summer (I think 2013 was actually ok in the UK!) 

The things I love about European cities is the architecture, the buildings are all so pretty and the alleyways with their shaded, cobbled streets are a perfect haven for ducking out of the midday heat. The harboursides are buzzing with fishing boats coming and going, offloading stocks to sell in the markets and filling the air with the tang of fresh fish. Small shops ply their wares to the tourists; off the main drag, woven basket bags, leather sandals and sunwashed jewellery can be picked up as souvenirs. The city shimmers in the heat of the sunshine, and worries are left behind.
 #Ileftmyheart in Olhao.

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