Products I regret buying...

Products I regret buying: Dainty Doll by Nicola Roberts blush, Louise Gray for Topshop eyeliner, MUA Pro-Base eye primer, Boots Simply Sensitive cleansing mask, 17 Six Cream Collection

I don't often write posts like this because, generally speaking, I am quite careful with how I spend my money. I'm not a big risk-taker when it comes to beauty products and makeup; I prefer to repeat purchase items that I know work for me, which I understand to be good investments that I'll continue to use and enjoy. However, occasionally I might pick up items I wouldn't normally, and sometimes the risk pays off: my favourite day and night moisturisers were bought with very limited brand knowledge (they were on offer, haha!) and they are by far the nicest moisturisers I've ever used.

Nonetheless, sometimes I will find myself using a product I've bought and hating it. Which is incredibly disappointing, especially if I've spent money on the item and had high hopes for it! I thought I'd talk about some such products in this post. A disclaimer: No offence is intended, and if these products work for you, and you love them, please don't feel let down, they just haven't worked for me!

1. Dainty Doll by Nicola Roberts blush in Hippy Hippy Shake: Now, I wrote a whole post around how much I loved the Dainty Doll makeup collection, and I stand by this post because I do absolutely adore the range and I've used a lot of the products I bought, particularly the Wonderbalm and also the Liquid Foundation. This blusher, however, just doesn't work for me. The colour isn't as pigmented or as buildable as I had first thought and I find it really difficult to get any sort of coverage with it. I think it might work well as a highlighter and so I am going to try using it as that next. But as a blusher it doesn't work for me at all.

2. Louise Gray for Topshop eyeliner: This only cost me £1 in the sale, so it's no big bananas that I hate it; I don't know why I bought it in all honesty, perhaps I got suckered in by the ad campaign, but seriously, what the hell? I'd never wear a sparkly blue eyeliner. Unless it was for 80's fancy dress. Can anyone tell me how I can wear this and look good? The actual consistency and the product itself is great, I just don't know what part of me thought I could rock a blue glitter eyeliner. Ha!

3. MUA Pro Base eye primer: Of all the products, this is the one I'm most disappointed by, because I absolutely love MUA. I use their lipsticks, bronzers, skin primers, eyeliners, powder...I should have shares in MUA because I pretty much own every product. I guess it was only a few pounds, so I shouldn't expect it to perform like an Urban Decay primer, but when all of the other products are so good, you expect that to be the standard. It made my eyeshadow crease more than when I didn't use it, so completely worsening a problem that to be honest, wasn't that much of an issue beforehand!

4. Boots Simply Sensitive cleansing mask: I have a real 'thing' for masks at the moment; I adore the B. pure gel melt cleansing mask, and I was hoping that this one would be a similar sort of thing, in cream format. No. It is very thick, doesn't spread easily and, worst of all, left my (sensitive) skin feeling dry and tight. Definitely not a winner in my book.

5. 17 Six Cream collection: Again, this product is more of a disappointment to me because I bought it knowing full well I am more of a powder than cream blush/shadow person. I like the idea of cream blushes but can never get them to work for me. The colours in this palette are really beautiful and I think I would probably use this if I was going on holiday and would be lying by the pool a lot; no makeup really needed, just a swipe of cream blush and maybe a wash of shadow across the lids. In rainy blighty, mind, it slips down my face with the greatest of ease, taking my liner and mazzy with it. I'll leave it in my holiday case.

Has anyone else tried these products? What did you think of them? What products have disappointed you? I'd love to know!

XO Amie
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