Products I regret buying #2

Products I regret buying: Benefit Lip Plush // Clinique Superbalm Moisturizing Glosses // Botanics BB Cream // Dior Caputre Mains // Burts Bees handcream // Botanics superbalm // Collection Mascara // MUA Mascara

So, the last time I wrote a 'products I regret buying' post was just over a year ago (here) and I think the fact that these posts are so few is that I am quite careful about buying random products that I'm not sure will work for me. I usually YouTube some reviews, maybe try it out in store, etc, before committing to buy, so I am almost always happy with my purchase.

Of course there are some exceptions, so I thought I'd put together a post of clangers that I haven't enjoyed using at all! Of course this is all my own opinion, so please don't be offended if you have these products and love them; maybe you can help educate me on how to use them a little better!

Benefit Lip Plush: This is less about the brand and the product, and more about what it is; undeniably, a lip gloss, which is a product I don't really rate. It's quite moisturising, but not totally sticky-free, and as soon as I apply it I just want to wipe it off. The colour is ok, it's nothing special, but it's more the fact that it's a lipgloss and I don't really like those on me!

Clinique Superbalm Moisturizing Glosses: Remember when Lancome Juicy Tubes were the cult product to own? I think I tried to get on that bandwagon with these. Again, lipglosses, sticky, don't make me want to wear them without immediately wiping them off, and neither has any discernible colour despite claiming to tint your lips. Definitely, not for me!

Botanics BB Cream: This one is hard for me because, as regular readers will know, I love love LOVE Botanics. I buy a lot of products from the range and have never had any issues with any of them, and when I went through my 'BB Cream' obsession a few months ago I thought this one would be a sure fire hit. Unfortunately, it wasn't as great as I had hoped; the lightest shade was too dark for my skintone, and the coverage was ok but not as good as others I'd used previously. It also made my skin very shiny which is never a good look, and didn't really seem to last the day. Sorry Botanics, but this is one product I won't be repurchasing!

Dior Capture Mains: An example of expensive not always being the best. This was in the sale when I bought it, but it doesn't even begin to stand up to my £7 Body Shop hemp handcream. It feels greasy to apply and didn't absorb very well, it also smells very 'old lady' so I've hardly used it, a shame as it wasn't cheap, even in the sale!

Burts Bees handcream: Another item that pains me to write a bad review of, as I love the Burts Bees range and have several products from it. However this handcream just didn't work for me, it was hard to apply as it's a very thick consistency, it did smell amazing but if you don't like the scent of banana you'll struggle to like it, and it really didn't overwhelm me at all.

Botanics Superbalm: Another multi-use product that I thought I'd love but from the start this one was on a hiding to nothing; touted as a multi-usage balm, it could be used for anything from taming stray brows to mixing with a lipstick to create a stain, etc. I thought this would be a handbag saviour but unfortunately it never really got started; the texture was almost a bit gritty which made it impossible to use as a good base for anything, and the scent wasn't great either so I struggled to find any use for it at all. 

Finally, two cheap mascaras, neither of which I particularly enjoyed using, the Collection one was far too clumpy right from the start, the brush was huge and therefore impossible for me to control, and I did find it flaked off with wear which is not a good look. Ever. Likewise the MUA one was also a howler, this had the opposite problem in that it was very thin and this made it difficult to get any sort of lash build up going on. About 8 coats later it looked ok but after a day of wear, it had transferred from my lashes to the top of my lid, leaving an unsightly smudge. Definitely not something I was trying to achieve! Both these mascaras were relatively inexpensive so I'm not too worried about them being no good, I am using a Maybelline one at the minute which I am really enjoying so I will probably re-buy that one when I've used it up.

So that's my 'poor products' round up! Have you used any of these products, and how did you find them? Which products haven't worked for you? 

XO Amie
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