Winter Look #004: The Long Culottes

topshop leopard print coat fashion blogger
Topshop leopard coat ASOS culottes Finery Ruby speckled jumper
Topshop faux fur leopard print coat ASOS navy wide leg culottes Finery jumper Topshop Megan black heeled leather chelsea boots
Topshop coat ASOS culottes Finery ruby speckled jumper vintage suede waist belt
Topshop coat Finery Ruby jumper ASOS culottes Topshop chelsea boots
Topshop faux fur coat ASOS culottes Topshop Megan boots
Topshop Megan boots Topshop leopard print faux fur coat ASOS navy culottes
Topshop leopard print coat ASOS culottes Topshop megan boots
Topshop Megan boots ASOS culottes
topshop leopard print coat ASOS culottes Topshop boots

Wearing: Topshop coat (sold out, similar here and here) Finery jumper (here) vintage belt (similar here) ASOS culottes (here and in the sale) Topshop boots (sold out, similar here)

Much as I love these culottes I still can't work out if I'm a bit short to be wearing them. I'm pretty sure on the model they are more of an above the ankle style, they are definitely a bit more of a slightly-too-short trouser length on me!

I'm not too worried though, as I really like them and I know I'll get a lot of wear from them, and I am looking forward to wearing them in the spring with my Chanel ballet flats (I cannot wait to crack those back out again!) They have buttons down the sides in some weird homage to those Kappa popper tracksuits and I didn't know that was a thing, but apparently it is! I quite like that actually, although I can see that I am going to get cold legs in the depths of winter so maybe these are truly springtime trousers.

One item that is definitely winter appropriate is my coat, which I've been wearing an awful lot especially during the particularly cold weather. I have linked to some similar styles as this one has now sold out, I knew it would be wearable and it totally is; I treat it like a neutral and wear it with everything. It's fun, too; I've been thinking about writing a post about making fashion a little more playful again, as it does seem to have become very cool of late (nothing wrong with that, but I always think the point of fashion is to have fun with it!)

Another capsule wardrobe winner has been this Finery jumper which I've worn a lot so far this winter too. I love the cut of this and I like to tuck the front in when wearing it with a looser trouser shape so that is doesn't look too boxy. I added a favourite vintage belt too.

Another style that I've been really embracing lately is an ankle boot with a wide legged/straight legged trouser. It's quite 90s I think, but I really like it! I'm so used to wearing ankle boots with skirts or dresses, or skinny trousers, that it's nice to change it up and wear them with a different trouser style. I also think the extra height that these Topshop boots provide definitely helps me to look less stumpy; I hope so at least!

XO Amie
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