Revlon Lip Butters

Revlon lip butters in Creme Brulee (here) Candy Apple (here) Red Velvet (here) and Tutti Frutti (discontinued, very similar shade here)

I love wearing lipstick, but a lot of women I know feel a bit 'overdone' wearing a bright lippy for an everyday look. I think especially around Christmas time, a bold lip look can be a great way to refresh your daily face, but if a dark, bright or super matte look is a little too much, I would recommend a lip butter, in particular these ones from Revlon.

Unlike a gloss, these products aren't sticky or mega shiny, and the difference to a lipstick is also clear; they provide a sheeny wash of colour as opposed to a solidly opaque finish. They are so handy for everyday and I've built up quite a collection of these, so I thought I'd talk about them!

I picked up a couple of the colours a couple of summers ago and I absolutely loved the texture, finish and colour payoff (I also posted a full review, you can check that out here.) I chose a really wearable red (candy apple) and a slightly peachy toned orange (tutti frutti) and pretty much wore them constantly through most of the summer months, in particular candy apple which is a fantastic day time red. I actually finished a whole tube of candy apple so this one photographed is a re-purchase!

When I went to pick up a second tube of candy apple recently I saw that there were a few new colours in the range, and I really liked the look of 'red velvet' which is a darker, burgundy based red. I decided to get that one too, and because there was an offer on at the counter I also got a gift with purchase of a few key items from the new range, one of which being a lip butter in 'creme brulee' which is a very subtle neutral/nude with a slightly pink tone. This is a lovely nude colour to wear if you were playing up a Christmas smoky eye, or even just for work if it wasn't appropriate to wear bright lip colours. These lip butters are so moisturising and incredibly long lasting; it doesn't feel dry or even like you are wearing a lip colour at all and the colour doesn't feather or bleed.

I've worn the red velvet colour a couple of times and I adore it, along with the candy apple shade these are my favourites. I apply them straight from the bullet, there's no need to faff about with brushes or liners because the nature of the product means that you can easily correct any mistakes. I like to apply a wash of colour like a stain, and then buff the edges in with my fingers. Simple!

For a foolproof festive pout, I'd really recommend trying these lip butters. I'd love to know what you think of them if you do give them a go!

XO Amie
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