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Set atop a stack of old and well thumbed fashion magazines, my current reading pile makes for an eclectic mix. I received a kindle for Christmas last year and I love the ease of this for the working day; being able to put the Kindle in my bag is much easier than dragging Stephen King's back catalogue around with me. But there's something so lovely about a real book, and I'd thought I'd talk about a couple of my faves.

Captain Corelli's Mandolin: This was a book I had to read for A-level English Lit, but I ended up falling in love with it completely. de Bernieres tells a story here that I've found incomparable to any of his other work either before or since; this work was probably the first book that made me cry and the brutality and incomprehension within the story is tempered by the brilliance of the wit and the depth of the love. I adore it, and this copy has been read and re-read. I would thoroughly recommend it and the heavy-going of the first few chapters are worth persevering through, as the story gathers pace quickly enough.

Jaws: Such a completely different story but no less incredible, Benchley's Jaws is a modern classic and will always be held with reference to the film, which was also wonderful (unlike the adaptation of Corelli to the big screen!) As someone who enjoys a good horror story, this makes for the perfect one: man trying to outwit beast in the most basic of ways. A fight that continues into this very day; the hemmed territories of clashing creatures.

Chanel: This biographical tome investigates in more detail the most conspicuous of characters, Coco Chanel. The life she led is both heartbreaking and breathtaking, perhaps the first in a slew of modern women who transcribed what feminism meant to them and broke new ground whilst wearing trousers. A clever and detailed look into the life of this iconic designer.

Paris Street Style: Hot on the heels of a million other street style guides, this one is particularly special because it features one of my favourite cities, and my favourite women (the French) in their familiar guises as fashion and beauty mavens. Interesting and inspiring in equal measure, this isn't so much what not to wear (although Ugg boots get short shrift) but what constitutes the essence of timeless, classic style. Something to which I aspire, hence, this book was always going to be a must-have for me!

XO Amie
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