Revlon Lip Butter: Full Review

Revlon Lip Butter in 035 Candy Apple (buy here) and 015 Tutti Frutti (buy here)

I included a Revlon lip butter in my Spring Accessory Edit back in March (here) and I wanted to talk a little more in depth about these products because I've almost finished them! It is very unusual for me to get to the point of actually using up a lipstick; I chop and change around my favourites over the year and whilst I am partial to a red lip, there are few that I would consider to be a handbag must have, especially a year-round one. A matte red lip is quite a wintery look for me, it can seem a little too much for balmy summer days and this is where these Revlon lipsticks have proved their worth!

I bought these ages ago (maybe even a year or so) and in that respect they have lasted well, I haven't worn them daily but when I've rediscovered them, they've become favourites again each time and so I have used them regularly over the time I've had them. I initially bought the 'Candy Apple' shade as I'd kept seeing this referred to in blogs and my favourite YouTube channels. A rich, but not heavy red, this applied like a dream without the need for lipliner and feels smooth and non sticky on the lips; it's buttery, as the name suggests, and has the moisturising feeling of a lip balm, with the staying power of a lipstick. This product is amazing; it will last me through an 8 hour working day with maybe one reapplication after lunch; it's not drying and it doesn't crack, flake or bleed. The colour is a perfect mid point between a sheeny, washed out red and a punchy pillarbox, and it can be reapplied to deepen the shade as you wish.

After having such success with the Candy Apple shade, I went out and bought the 'Tutti Frutti' colour which is a tropical coral. The stick looks almost neon in the tube but the colour payoff is much more wearable; a softer, gentler wash of orange that can be built up to a darker shade if desired. This is a perfect summer shade and the lightweight consistency makes it perfect for sunnier climes; I wore both shades on holiday and I loved the ease of application and longevity. 

These lipsticks cost £7.99 each and I think that for the price, they are fantastic value. I've not really ever bought high-end lip products, so I can't really say how they would sit against a more expensive version but I would definitely repurchase both of these (and will probably have to soon!) They make perfect summer makeup bag must haves and are ideal if you want to achieve the polish that a lipstick lends your face without feeling too heavily made up.

The lip butters come in 8 other shades and I am definitely going to check them out! I like the look of the Creme Brulee one which looks like a great nude.

XO Amie
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