Jewellery from Bella & Grace

Locket charm bracelet with star charm here // Key necklace here both c/o Bella & Grace

I've always liked wearing gold jewellery and I particularly like pieces that are a little different, so it was really exciting for me to work with Bella & Grace to showcase some of their gorgeous pieces! I posted a few snaps on my Instagram account and got a lot of good feedback, so I thought it would be nice to review them in full on the blog!

I was able to choose a couple of items from the website and I went with one of their signature charm bracelets. Different to other charm bracelet styles in that the charms sit inside a glass locket, rather than hanging from the bracelet, these unusual styles also come in necklaces, too. Up to three charms can fit inside the lockets and you can mix and match from a choice of different designs, in different metals. I also chose a simple key necklace on a long gold chain which I've already worn in an outfit post here. Again, I really liked the simple style and the way that it adds interest to a look. 

The bracelet is a really nice size and the locket doesn't make it feel too heavy on the wrist. It feels sturdy and the chain link is a good weight, meaning the piece feels supported when worn. I think it would look really pretty worn alone as a statement piece. The key necklace would make a lovely layering necklace; I've worn it with a couple of other chains that I always wear and it looked really chic layered with those as it is quite a fine piece and sits nicely around the neck.

Bella & Grace is a Bristol based company (which is lovely-always good to support local businesses!) and the ethos behind the brand is very much about creating jewellery that will lend itself to your story over time. Hence, they choose excellent quality materials to ensure the pieces will last. A locket would make a lovely gift, as the recipient can then add their own charms, or you could then buy charms for them to make their jewellery more personal. I think it's such a great idea, so you can add or take away charms to suit your mood or your look!

The range also comes beautifully packaged, making it ideal for gifting or as a treat to yourself! You can shop the full range on their website.

XO Amie
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