Favourite brands and Sale picks

Some of my favourite brands

After a lovely two days away from the internet, I'm back to the blog and of course, now Christmas is over and the Boxing Day sales are in full swing, I thought it would be nice to write a post about some of my favourite brands; and some of my great-buy sale picks!

The biggest lesson I think I've taken from the capsule wardrobe project that I started back in October is that it is often best to buy the best quality you can afford. I have been very lucky to find some amazing designer pieces in charity shops, along with a whole stash of other vintage greatness, and I still consider my very favourite 'brand' of clothing to be vintage-you can fine some beautifully made, high quality items for a very decent price if you know where to look; be that charity shops, vintage stores or eBay!

I realise that some people don't like to wear vintage clothes or prefer to buy new, and that's ok too. Vintage isn't for everyone; indeed, some decades don't suit me well; lacking the curves needed to compliment 1950's styles mean that I lean toward the more boyish tailoring of the 20's, 30's and 40's as well as the less outlandish 90s styles. I have always mixed vintage pieces with high street finds, though, and whereas I used to be happy to spend my money on cheap, fast fashion, I now prefer to make more considered investments in quality over quantity. Here are a few of my favourite brands.

Finery: This was a recent brand discovery, thanks to my friend Steph who often wears the brand and looks fabulous in it. I have bought a few pieces such as this dress and this jumper, and I also got a lovely pair of boots for Christmas. My top picks from their sale include this amazing ombre coat, this NYE worthy dress and this lovely snood.

ASOS White: This diffusion line takes a higher quality of fabric and styling than the ASOS main collection and the styling is very Scandi, almost Cos in style. I had a piece of ASOS White at the very beginning of this blog with this amazing sheepskin coat, which I still have and adore. I have been loyal to this brand since because the clothes always fit well, last and are slightly edgier than other brands I shop with. So far I've picked up this dress in the sale, but I've also got my eye on this amazing faux fur coat (want, but don't need!) this classic sleeveless jacket and this cute jumpsuit.

Topshop Boutique: Another capsule brand developed from a high street stalwart, Topshop Boutique is pricier than the regular range but the pieces are often more stand-out. Many are made in Britain and utilise materials made and/or sourced in the UK. They are usually fairly limited in number so if you see something you like in the sale, it's worth picking up as it doesn't hang around. I've also found the sizing on this range to be generous; size down unless you would like a particularly oversized look. I've got a lot of wear from this amazing judo jumpsuit, and I also really like this cool space-dye dress, this edgy suede slip dress and this classic chunky cable knit.

Whistles: I used to work for Whistles, so it's no surprise I still love shopping there. There are always a couple of stand-out pieces in each collection but I really like their simple cuts and elegant fabrics. Their shoe range continues to go from strength to strength and they've really upped their print-game too. Top sale picks include this stunning chartreuse rib knit, this awesome alpaca blend jumper, and these amazing ankle boots. If your size is sold out, head down to your local branch or email customer services as they will be able to source one for you to pay over the phone and have delivered for a small fee; one of the only high street stores that offers this service!

Have you bought anything in the post-Christmas sales?

XO Amie
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