Products I've used up #13

Products I've used up: Benefit Roller Lash // No.7 Beautiful Skin Foaming Cleanser // Laura Mercier Foundation Primer // Aveda Dry Remedy Oil // Maybelline Great Lash // La Roche-Posay Toleriane // Max Factor Skin Luminizer Foundation

Whilst it seems only recently that I talked through an empties post, that one was focused on fragrance and this past few weeks I've finished up a lot of products that I have really been enjoying using, so I thought I would check back in with those. This post is all cosmetic and facial skincare with just one hair product; it always seems that I finish up a lot of skincare at once which is typical as it's always expensive to replace!

Makeup wise, I've got through a couple of mascara products which is unlike me as I find I can normally get quite good use from mascaras, but these two have both now run out. I suppose the Benefit Roller Lash was only a sample size (you can buy the full size here) and the Maybelline Great Lash was one that I'd been using for a couple of months so it had just dried out in the end. The Maybelline Great Lash (buy here) is a great mascara; it is on the cheaper end of the scale but gives great curl and is a perfect everyday mascara although I do find that this one tends to transfer onto my upper eyelid as the day goes on (not a good look!) The Benefit Roller Lash is very expensive and whilst I liked this small sample much more than the 'They're Real' which I didn't get on with at all, I'm not sure I would feel it was worth the price of the full sized one. I did find to get the length and curl I had to apply several coats, which gave quite a spidery look, which I didn't really like.

I've also finished up a couple of face products, the Max Factor Skin Luminizer Foundation being one. I quite liked this foundation, I had shade 40 Light Ivory which was still a bit dark for me. I wouldn't re-buy it; I've just repurchased the Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation and I think that has to be my high street holy grail; it's £10.99 and it's so good, I have been faffing about with cheaper drugstore products for months but I've had to bin them off and go back to this. It doesn't flake, dry my skin, make it oily, or go patchy; all problems I've had with others I've tried, and I love the application and finish. It's quite sheer, which I like, as I don't want to look too caked in makeup day to day. You can buy the Max Factor version here and the Bourjois one here.

The Laura Mercier Foundation Primer was a free gift I got with a magazine subscription, but I have to say I wasn't blown away by it. Laura Mercier is such a bloggers brand, though I think she's fallen out of favour now to Charlotte Tilbury! At some point every beauty blogger I referenced was using Laura Mercier, so I had high hopes for this primer, but it wasn't much to talk about; the texture wasn't very nice (a little greasy) and I didn't feel it helped to keep my foundation in place; I'm now using a Max Factor primer which is about twice the size for a third of the price and it's a much better product, which goes to show that prices doesn't always dictate quality.

Something that I will rave about, however, is this 'Toleriane' by La Roche Posay. Again, another brand lauded by bloggers, I picked this up in Boots on the clearance rack for about £4 I think. I didn't use it for ages and then rediscovered it, and I love it. It's a very light, but hydrating lotion that sinks into the skin easily and is very nourishing. It is meant for blemished skin I believe but it made my skin on the whole look a lot better, and I would definitely consider re buying. You can get it here.

Something I wouldn't rebuy, at least not for its intended purpose, was this No.7 Beautiful Skin Foaming Cleanser. This liquid pumps from the bottle as a foam, but it was way too harsh on my sensitive skin, making it dry and tight. I used it twice and then gave up on it, irritated that it was a wasted purchase, until I found a second use for it-as a brush cleaner. This cleaned my makeup brushes beautifully and left them soft and smelling lovely! I know that wasn't what it was meant for but I really didn't want to just throw it away, so it found another use! 

Finally I had a hair product courtesy of Aveda, free in an event goodie bag. This Dry Remedy oil treatment has really helped my fried split ends; I've recently had a couple of inches chopped off my hair to get rid of the dead ends and this has really helped before and after to maintain the condition of my hair. I imagine it is available to purchase at Aveda salons or you can buy it here if you are looking for a non greasy, dry oil type product that helps condition your hair; I applied it to damp hair before blow drying to protect it from the heat of the dryer, too.

XO Amie
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