Products I've used up #12: The Fragrance Edition #2

Chloe Love Chloe // Katy Perry Killer Queen // Playboy Play it Lovely // Kate Moss Lilabelle // Kate Moss Vintage Muse // Sarah Jessica Parker Covet

A different type of empties post today, focusing purely on the fragrances I've got through over the last few months. I posted a Fragrance Edition of my 'empties' posts before, here, and since then I've accumulated several empty bottles. There's a little bit left in the Playboy and SJP bottles but they are quite old now and perfume does tend to go off a little over time, so I won't actually get to finish them off but I can review them!

Love Chloe is a fairly established scent by the Chloe house (buy here) and it's not as fresh as the signature fragrance but it is, all the same, a lovely smell. It's quite heavy; when I've worn this for day I've found I don't like it as much as I tend to go for a lighter daytime perfume but for evening, especially in the summer, this is lovely.

Katy Perry 'Killer Queen' was a total bargain that I picked up in the sales at Boots after Christmas. I actually posted about it here and whilst I don't usually go for celeb fragrances (even though about 80% of the ones featured here fall into that category!) I couldn't resist such a bargain. I'm glad it was so cheap, though, as I've completely used it up. It didn't go very far and I had to use a lot to get a good scent. I would probably buy it again, though, as it was great for day to day. Buy it here.

I would never normally buy a Playboy fragrance because I just don't really buy into this brand, but this was £6 and a surprisingly good dupe for the original Chloe fragrance I mentioned above. I didn't really like the packaging but the fragrance smelled great so for once I went with it, rather than being swayed by a fancy bottle! It's still only about £6 to buy, you can get the 50ml version here.

The Kate Moss fragrances were given to me as gifts in the first instance and then I have re bought them since; Vintage Muse is my favourite and the Lilabelle one I picked up on offer in Boots. I'm not sure if these are still available, I can't seem to see much info about them online, but should you find them, Vintage Muse is a much headier, richer scent than the lighter, more floral Lilabelle.

Finally, Covet by Sarah Jessica Parker. Again, I think this one has been discontinued now, but if you should see it, it's worth picking up; this is super fresh with a touch of muskiness I suppose a little like a more heady 'Be Delicious' from DKNY. I loved the bottle of this one particularly, the little jewelled lid detaches and is so pretty.

I would definitely consider myself to have a couple of 'signature' fragrances that I always revert back to buying, but I do love to have a variety of perfumes to suit different occasions. All the ones I've featured are lovely and I got a lot of wear from each one, they varied in price from fairly cheap to pretty expensive and are certainly an eclectic range! Of them all, the one I would probably re-buy is the Kate Moss Vintage Muse as I felt that for me, this was the most wearable.

XO Amie
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