The trench coat

Wearing: Gap trench coat Whistles blouse ASOS jeans Hobbs brogues Marc Jacobs watch both c/o McArthur Glen

Today marks the final episode in my McArthur Glen Accessory Styling challenge series (you can read the full post here) and in this last outfit, I've included one of my all time favourite pieces: the trench coat. This one is from Gap and I actually picked this up in the sale, Gap often have discounts on top of their sale prices and when I went in to store there was a further 40% off sale items (madness!) which made this amazing trench just £11.99. Of course I had to pick it up, there was also a navy one which I almost bought as well but I made myself see sense and limited myself to just one! a full price version is available here. (or you could just wait for the sales!)

I am wearing it with another perennial classic, the black skinnies. These are the ASOS Lisbon style, they are such a good fit and a great thick denim. I also like the colourway on these and they have washed really well, too; all good stuff for £32! I really recommend them (especially as I found it so difficult to find a pair I liked!) and you can buy them here.

All these classic pieces represented in neutral shades can be a little stuffy, so I added some colour with this Whistles silk blouse. It is quite unlike me to pick a print so vibrant, but the leopard print was what did it really and the fact that the blouse is silk, which I can't resist! It's pretty much completely sold out now I think although you might be able to snap one up if you are quick here.

XO Amie
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