Products I've used up #6: The Fragrance Edition

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Body Shop Moroccan Rose , White Musk Sun Glow , White Musk Smoky Rose

It's not often I blog about fragrances I've finished, because I have a few which I usually rotate to ensure maximum longevity; perfume is so expensive, after all! However, I've got a few from The Body Shop which I have recently used up so it seemed a good idea to share my thoughts on them.

The best thing about The Body Shop perfume is the price point. From my point of view, I'm yet to find a fragrance I love enough to commit to spending a substantial wedge of cash on; I was almost on board with YSL Elle which is definitely one of my top faves but at around £90 for 100ml it's not a cheapy. Similarly, the Chloe by Chloe fragrance which smells amazing is also another favourite but again, it's around £60/£70 for the full size.

The Body Shop offers gorgeous fragrances at totally affordable price points. I can't remember the prices of the Musk fragrances (one was a gift anyway) but the Moroccan Rose was £7.50. I bought it almost exactly a year ago, and blogged a review here. I haven't used it every day, but I've used it several times a week since I bought it and it's only just run out, representing brilliant value for money as well as smelling amazing! I'm not sure if this one has now been discontinued (this is the downside to The Body Shop; many fragrances are limited runs or seasonal and disappear, never to be found again!) However, on a recent visit I did find 'Atlas Mountain Rose' which is of a similar scent to the Moroccan Rose one I so loved.

I love floral, rose based scents so I was thrilled to be given the White Musk Smoky Rose perfume by Adrians mum for Christmas, which dispels all previous ideas of The Body Shop's 'White Musk' being suitable only for teens (it definitely reminds me of my schooldays via the name alone!) as it's a heady and quite evening appropriate scent. I wore this a lot in the winter months as it was a very easy wear and smelled great. This is still available and I'm definitely going to re-purchase it.

The White Musk Sun Glow was an impulse purchase which I didn't expect to like as much as I did, it's a lighter, more summery fragrance which I wear as soon as the sun shines. It's very wearable and perfect for daytime, sadly I think this one has also been discontinued (WHY!) but hopefully I'll be able to find something similar!

What do you think of The Body Shop products and fragrances?

XO Amie
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