February Beauty Picks

 Seventeen Nail Effects // Seventeen On the Spot Foundation // Rimmel Kate Moss Salon Pro Polish // Seventeen Eye Eye Pencil // Katy Perry Killer Queen // Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick

A very high-street beauty haul on the blog today, and with good reason; the Boots clearance section is insane and most of this was picked up from there. I have a feeling it's because certain colours are being discontinued, which I a pity because I will no doubt want to repurchase some of these things and will be unable to!

I save up my Boots loyalty points through the year and then spend them during the January sales, especially when they clear out at the very end with up to 70% off most items, especially the gifting. I picked up the 50 ml Katy Perry Killer Queen fragrance (surprisingly nice for a celeb perfume) in a gift set with shower gel/body lotion for £9, down from £30 and still cheaper than the 30ml bottle on it's own at £15. I have been wearing this daily so I don't rinse my more expensive perfumes! 

All the Seventeen products were in the clearance section and priced accordingly; the eye pencil was £1 (and I've already raved about this here)  and the nail polish £1.50, the foundation was £3 and if they've discontinued this shade I'm going to have to stop buying Seventeen foundations as this colour is a good match. I don't suffer from particularly spot prone skin so I'm not sure how I'll be able to review this correctly, however it is a full coverage foundation which I like, which was what made me pick it up.

I have a couple of nail polishes; the Kate Moss one is a great nude and I love the coverage, it also didn't chip for at least a week which is impressive. The specked one from Seventeen does take a bit of work to get it looking good, but it does give a great accent colour.

I wanted to try a Kate Moss lipstick too as I've heard a lot about these but never actually tried one. This one was just £2 and it's a great pinky nude shade, it applies well and feels moisturising but has a very strong scent which I don't usually like in lip products. Aside from that, it's a good all rounder to add to the collection!

XO Amie
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