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My last archive post was well recieved so I thought I'd revisit some of the other outfits from seasons past! This look is from October 2010, and I would wear all these items tomorrow! In fact, I wear the cardigan often and the bag and shoes are still wardrobe staples; proving that the classic pieces that I've bought have shown that they have longevity that is continuous over the seasons, and years!

The trousers were an absolute fave from Zara, I remember wearing them to absolute rags until I finally had to get rid of them because they were so very worn. I've not been able to find a pair of black wool peg trousers to replace them since; back in 2010 I never wore jeans so a wool peg trouser or cotton slim trouser for winter/summer was a wardrobe essential. Maybe I'll be able to find a replacement for them this Autumn.

My hair looks fairly presentable here although the braid is a headband, not my real hair! I can now halo-braid my own hair because it's so much longer here; this haircut was almost a year on from the 'mullet' cut I sported back in late '09 and thankfully it was starting to grow out! I was trying to sort the top layers and a sweeping fringe was the look of the day, something I'm considering resurrecting for now, as I am growing out my blunt fringe and it is driving me crackers. I have tried to centre part it, but it's a little too short to sit right so I've been pinning it to the side. 

This is again a really classic look for me, and although it's a little tame in some respects I love the simplicity of it. A lot of my older looks are very heavily accessorised but I think I had just started to think about 'less is more' and focus on maybe one or two key pieces in an outfit, for example the shoes or bag. I am definitely referring to this look for AW inspo!

XO Amie
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