DIY Project: Scarf Dress

After having some success with the last DIY I made, I thought I'd try my hand at something a little more difficult. Well, it wasn't supposed to be that difficult; I'd seen the tutorial on one of my favourite blogs, Park & Cube, and it looked straightforward enough. It certainly wasn't as easy as I was hoping; the shoulder stitches had to be unpicked and restitched about 4 times and I'll have to machine sew the whole thing again because my hand sewing isn't that great, but I'm hoping I will get my sewing machine next week so I'll be able to complete it, as I would like to wear it to Bristol Fashion Week if the weather isn't too cold.

I bought the scarves I used to make the dress from eBay, I love the jungle print and the darker background makes it feel more autumnal. As is the style I like, this dress is quite loose and sacky with a stepped hem at the back (this happened in error, I don't think it was meant to look that way but it's turned out like that!) Additionally it also looks better worn backwards (?!) I've posted a snap of me wearing it on my Instagram so do head on over if you don't follow me already, to have a look, I'll try and get an outfit post up around it soon.

Despite the struggles I had making this, with the slippy fabric making pinning and stitching almost impossible, I am happy with how it looks and it was definitely worth the time I invested in making it! Hope you like it too!

XO Amie
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