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Images and video c/o Smythson
It's always exciting to hear about new releases from brands, especially when they are as prestigious and established as Smythson. I've actually got a Smythson item which I adore; a mint green jewellery roll I blogged about here (though somehow it hasn't yet featured on the blog!) but when I heard about the newest launch from the brand, I knew I had to share it.

The 1887 bag is not only a beautiful piece of craftsmanship, but also a work of art. 365 days in the making, this beautiful handbag comprises 97 pieces perfectly fitted together by an artisan over the course of 96 hours, resulting in a stunning and iconic handbag that is as as classic as it is treasured. Coming in a subtle array of four shades, ranging from monochrome to cobalt and blush, this bag simply embodies Smythson's exemplary 125 year history of providing luxury investment leatherwear with a contemporary edge.

To further whet your appetite for this feat of luxurious design, Smythson have also released a video which you can watch above, that perfectly captures the cleanly sculpted angles and elegant shapes of the 1887. It truly is a beautiful bag and one that transcends the latest fashion trends to become a staple fixture of your wardrobe all year round. The understated elegance and luxury finish hails it an icon in the making.

Do check out the photos and video above to see what I mean, and make sure to click over to Smythson online to shop the collection here.

XO Amie
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