Interiors: The Kitchen Edition

kitchen essentials!

You might remember from this post here that I've discovered a definite love for interiors. Whether that's matching the soft furnishings to the induction hob or drooling over artisan cookwear, there's something to be said for a beautiful kitchen. 

I can't stress enough how undomesticated I am; I'm certainly not a homemaker and I'm sure Adrian would attest that I'm no cook. Before Adrian and I lived together I used my oven for storage, a la Carrie Bradshaw, and I habitually burn water. As for baking; I'd love to be good at it, and I do try, but most attempts usually end with a ruined cake or a rock hard biscuit to show for it. 

Saying that, though, there's something special about a kitchen. It always seems to be the heartbeat of a home and I used to love having a cup of tea and a biscuit around the kitchen table at my mum and dads house. My current kitchen decor is very mismatched, eclectic and not overly colourful; I like the idea of pastels but I think in reality some soft duck egg blues and pops of citrus would create a space that was chic and elegant without being too twee. I'd like to add a touch of novelty with this bunny dish rack, and the sleek black wooden kitchen chair juxtaposes a modern finish with a more retro shape nicely. 

What's your kitchen like?

XO Amie
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