Autumn Days

Wearing: Gap dress Whistles jacket Bello brogues Ray Ban sunglasses ASOS sunglasses chain Vintage jewellery Luella bag Primark scarf Vintage Kangol hat

As soon as I bought this Gap dress, I knew exactly how I wanted to wear it. Remember this post here, where I run on about the sack dress/little brogue shoe look? Well, this dress was bought with those shoes in mind. I think it might have looked better with a tan or a black shoe, but I don't have either of those colours in a shoe this style, so white had to do. I think it's still quite a cute look though.

The ridiculous sunglasses chain (unfortch) always reminds me of that vile creature John McCririck,  a man so pimped out on reality TV and the mistaken and somewhat hedonistic view that he is publicly adored that he feels he can pick his nose/bum/bodily orificies in front of said audience and he will still be regaled. This aside, I really like a sunglasses chain, me, so for £3.50 in the ASOS sale I can probably bare the comparison (no, actually, I can't.) 

My other accessories comprise a leopard print scarf (I always choose leopard in winter, I just see it as another colour.) This was £5 from Primark and I think I'll wear it a lot!The Kangol hat was picked up in a charity shop last week for £2.50. It's a little bit tight even for my pea sized head, but I really like the colour and the natty side buckle so I've squeezed it on! My bag is from Luella via eBay, it was a complete bargain and I love it but don't use it as often as I should because it's an awkward size and I can't fit my purse in it!

XO Amie
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