Charlotte's Web

I love Charlotte Olympia shoes; especially the flats, which are always so cute and interesting. I really like the slipper shape and the intricate designs; of course, the label is famed for the 'kitty flats' which have been very copied. They are so quirky and really add an edge to any look.

What I don't like, however, is the price! At £495 for the most basic style, they aren't a flippant buy, I love the kitty flats so much that if I was to win the lottery I might buy a pair. I thought the 'Charlotte's Web' spider web decorated slippers were quite spectacular and thought they would be perfect for Halloween and beyond; but as if I would pay nearly £500 for a pair of shoes I might not wear that much! 

A little bit of searching later unearthed this pair on eBay, the place I also got my kitty flats. They cost £9.99 and are super cute; black velvet uppers with a gold metallic spiderweb on the front in the slipper shape. The only downside; they really weren't very comfortable! Oh well, they are still certainly a statement piece!

This is definitely as far as any Halloween dressing up will go for me this year! Have you got your costume on?!

XO Amie
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