Dream Bathroom Inspiration

Bathroom Inspiration
I do love a bit of interiors on the blog now and again and I wanted to write a little post around a usually much-neglected room in the house-the bathroom!
My bathroom is a bit of a haven, truth be told. I love to retreat there to relax, pamper, unwind and let the stresses of the day drift away. Like much of my home, the bathroom is a bit of a mish mash of vintage knicknacks and modern day pieces, bell jars from charity shops nestle next to framed postcards picked up on my travels and my laundry basket is a Lloyd Loom eBay find. 

If I could re-design my bathroom I'd probably choose a more neutral theme than the one we have now, I am really feeling the appeal of this 'old medical' type vibe that has developed through the colours of the pieces I've picked here. Currently the bathroom is based in greys and minty blue/greens with a touch of gold here and there; it works well (apart from the salmon pink Loom that I've not yet got around to repainting!) but I love the mixture of the warm and cool colours here, the texture of the metal against the wood and the odd touches of nature mixed with the clinical feeling of the minimal furniture.

This clothes airer is such a statement piece, it's so interesting to see how something as straight forward and everyday as this can be so striking. Likewise the wastebasket, I love the shape of it and how it's completely different to most swing top bathroom bins I've seen. The tea light holder adds an almost Turkish boudoir feel to the room and brings an element of femininity whilst the contrasting black candle adds a little more of a masculine edge.

Grey towels could seem a little dingy in a bathroom but I absolutely love the textured pattern on these H&M ones, which make an everyday piece of linen a little more special. And of course, every bathroom needs a mirror-this stunning sunburst one adds rustic, but not twee, charm.

Making this post has actually made me want to re-do my bathroom completely but I think I might just invest in a new mirror and some towels to update it! The tealight holders and candles won't break the bank either, so I think it's definitely time for a refresh!
XO Amie
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