Olhao pt 2

Wearing: Primark tee, Topshop shorts, Converse from Spartoo, basket bag from Portugal

Here's the second instalment of my holiday photo's! Can't believe we took so many; I've had to split my holiday posts into 3 4 parts just to avoid drowning you all in pictures!

These snaps were taken on a particularly hot day, Adrian and I were especially enamoured with this grubby Portuguese cat taking rest from the heat in the shade of a building. All the tiny streets and beuatiful buildings were so charming, I was particularly taken with the gorgeous tiling which covered every expanse of the properties. It was so bright and cheery and even if the sun had bleached or weathered the tiles in patches, they maintained a rustic beauty which was simply breathtaking. The cobbled streets were also held on to a particular sense of beauty, they were rather slippy though so flat shoes were a must!

This simple jersey and linen drop back tee which I picked up from Primark the day before we went on holiday proved to be invaluable! I wore it a lot with shorts to balance out the amount of leg on show! These pictures were taken on the sun terrace of our villa and I must admit I didn't wear them much outside because they were so short! I'm not very confident in the old booty shorts and also I didn't want to offend/blind the locals who were dressed in puffa jackets and scarves despite the heat (this shows what the English climate has done to me!) I paired them with my favourite Converse sneakers to add a relaxed edge to the look.

We came back to England a week today (we were sitting on the plane waiting to leave and I was most likely having a meltdown!) and I miss it so much! Not just the sunshine but the relaxed feeling that only a holiday can give you. Despite hating flying I am already wanting to plan my next trip abroad! I think everyone feels that way after a holiday I suppose!

Where are you off to this year?

XO Amie
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Paint it Black said...

Awww you looked so relaxed perfect holiday outfit, Sounds like you had an amazing time, that sky is so beautiful xo

Unknown said...

You look so "holiday chic", white and gold is such a good combo! Lovely photos, I wish I could beam myself right into them! I could use some vacation.

I'm up to Zurich later this year. Not really exciting but better than nothing ;)

The Style Rawr said...

These pictures are making me feel oh so summery! I'm heading to Barbados but it's not booked yet...It should be yummy but I do want to visit Portugal. Did you find it expensive??


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