Clarks Originals x Record Store Day 2013

RSD 2013

Next Saturday, 20th April, sees the taking place of Record Store Day 2013. From its inception in 2006, Record Store Day has taken place yearly since to celebrate and promote the culture of the independent record shop, sadly a dying breed in this digital climate. Various artists submit special  releases only available through independents and the day is a real showcase of the independent store and what they bring to, and how they are important to, music lovers of all generations and musical leanings.

Record Store Day has a resonance for me due in part to Adrian's passion for music and the physical product, and also the fact that he works in an independent and thrives on the more homegrown, DIY elements of musical culture which are all too quickly swallowed up and made faceless by the corporate nature of commercial industries. It is so easy to simply download a musical track, illegally or not, but the thrill of holding a record in your hands is one I can relate to on some levels, and one that can't be replaced by a tune on an iPod; in my opinion anyway. 

I don't have the same elements of passion for music that Adrian has, I don't own any records (he has enough for us both) yet one of my earliest memories is looking at the brightly coloured sleeves of my dad's record collection and pestering him to put "Tubular Bells" on (one of my favourites). I remember sitting for ages pulling out all sorts of different records from the rack and poring over the images; the wonderful colours of the covers of the Beatles Sgt Peppers album and a Cat Stevens record, the Beatles White Album which contained a cutting from a paper the day after Lennon had been shot, which dad had kept with the album since before I was born, a Barclay James Harvest box set which had a pin badge and other ephemera inside, less a record than a little slice of a band's history. Things you remember, that a digital download couldn't possibly touch.

I think the point I'm trying to make here is that you don't have to want to collect records, or be the biggest music fan, to appreciate the importance of supporting your local independent. I was really thrilled to learn that one of my favourite brands, Clarks, will be supporting this years Record Store Day and have brought out a special range of desert boots to coincide with it. Here's what Clarks have to say:

"Celebrating our natural connection with authentic music scenes across the globe, we begin a new venture this spring as proud supporters of Record Store Day 2013. We're taking it back to the Californian roots where Record Store Day began, presenting the surf-rock duo - Best Coast through the production of an exclusive 7" vinyl and a live in-store performance on Record Store Day this April 20th.

A collection of must-have vinyl inspired Desert Boots represents our Record Store Day dedication, alongside a series of documentaries with Michael Kurtz - co-founder of Records Store Day, Marijke Bruggink - Header designer at Clarks Originals and Best Coast, online from 1st March. So alongside our Best Coast record released on Record Store Day, we're bringing you a plethora of vinyl inspired collectables!"

You can view and shop the range here, as well as viewing a video about the collaboration here.

 What do you think of Record Store Day? Will you be supporting your local independent?

XO Amie
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