Vanish Stain Remover Review: the vintage cardigan

Now, I'm not the best candidate to be a lover of vintage clothing...I'm rather clumsy and as we well know, despite that blinking "vintage dress" advert to the contrary, you can't just chuck vintage items in the machine and hope for the best. Ok, well I suppose you can if they're of a fabric you know will withstand a bit of a tumble, but a lot of my most favourite vintage garments are tissue thin blouses and soft woolen or cashmere sweaters which I daren't risk even on a gentle wash. It stands to reason, then, that I should spill strawberry juice on one of my favourite vintage cashmere mix cardigans when on holiday. I took this cardi with me for the evenings when it was cooler, and whilst munching on gorgeously fresh Portuguese strawberries (so much nicer than the watery pickings we have over here!) I ended up wearing half of one down my front. Fail!

Happily for me, I got my hands on some Vanish stain remover to help me out. I had heard of Vanish before and know of their ability to tackle coffee stains and red wine stains with ease, but as these are two beverages I don't consume, I've never had to deal with the aftermath of a spillage! Fruit, however, or vegetables with the highest staining capacity (strawbs, beetroot, etc) I'm totally on board with and, evidently, they are now on board my favourite top. Darn!

I used the powder stain remover which has a special rubbing scoop to really work the product into the stain. You mix a quarter scoop of the powder with 3/4 water and then apply this mix to the stain, to pre-treat if needed. You can then soak and wash as normal, meaning you can tailor the application of the product to the severity of the stain. It's not advisable to use on wool, but as my cardigan is blended fibres I thought I would chance it and I am pleased to say it came out fine! The stain was removed easily and then I just handwashed my cardigan and dried as normal. I was so pleased that it worked and will definitely be using it again, not just on vintage items but also on things which I thought I would never be able to remove stains from; like one of Adrian's favourite white tees that he managed to chuck pasta sauce down, or a white shirt of mine that I've managed to somehow cover in foundation!

I definitely recommend this product and I also really recommend you look at the Vanish Tip Exchange page on Facebook which has loads of handy hints for getting out a plethora of stains!

XO Amie

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This post was written in collaboration with Vanish
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