Simple Pleasures

Sometimes, it's nice to have a treat. Having today off work, with it being grey and miserable outside, I thought it would be nice to indulge in a spot of afternoon tea; something that, these days, we rarely make time for in our hectic schedules. 

I have had a tea set that I wanted to use for ages, but as I am the only person in my house that drinks tea (Adrian doesn't like it; is he mad?!) I usually make my tea in a cup as opposed to brewing a pot to prevent waste. I had been sent some tea from Twinings-that stalwart brand of English tea-taking tradition; and I was keen to try it! I chose the Organic Breakfast Tea as I do love a classic cuppa and this brew did not disappoint! It was really delicious and coupled with a cheeky scone with jam and cream, all the elements of a perfect cream tea. And who doesn't love a cup of English breakfast tea? (Apart from Adrian haha)

I love the idea of matching all my kitchen utensils but unfortunately I am far too easily won over by a pretty pattern or print to worry about whether the colours go together. Hence, my crockery collection is a little eclectic but I think it works quite well. The latest addition to this hotchpotch of pieces is this beautiful enamel coffee pot, by Nina Jarema, part of the Folklore collection, available on the Twinings website. My other pieces are from Wilkinson (cream and blue spot cup and plate) and the beige and cream spot teapot, sugar pot and milk carton jug are from an independent store in a tiny village in Devon (where I'm from.) 

So, I spent a lazy hour or so drinking tea, eating scones and catching up with a bit of reading. What an absolute treat! I think this is something I should make time for more often! If you agree, pop on over to the Twinings website to treat yourself to something to help you unwind; aside from classics like English Breakfast and Earl Grey they also carry a range of healthy tea and even white tea, so there's something to suit all tastes.

So, where do you stand? Are you a tea or a coffee drinker? Or do you enjoy a bit of both? Now please excuse me whilst I pop the kettle on again!

XO Amie
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The Style Rawr said...

Amie you're making me hungry! Sam & I are both tea drinkers, I can't stomach coffee! I love English Breakfast and he loves Earl Grey - you can't beat Twinings!


Seeking Style said...

Breakfast is one of my favorite simple pleasures!

xo Jennifer

Anastasia said...

Amie thats such a cute post! I love your idea of cream and jam! I typically have only the jam (stupid me). Now I am hungry, such a mouth watering post :)

hannah said...

All these photos are lovely - you're making me crave tea and cake! I'm a drinker of both, but I only had the odd cup of either as I try to steer clear of hot drinks most of the time due to various health reasons! Your cups etc are lovely - I love mismatching collections, and your jug is so pretty xxx

Vix said...

He doesn't like tea? What's the matter with him?
I love your pretty coffee pot! xxx

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