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Swedish Hasbeens Morrocan Sandal from Spartoo

All I can think about when I see these shoes, is a combination of the Scholl sandals my mum used to wear coupled with the Zooey Deschanel school of doe-eyed ingenues tripping along a sunbaked street in vintage dresses and lolita-esque heart shaped frames. I don't know why these sandals conjour up these images to me; after all, they are a just a simple, Swedish clog with a hint of quirky school-girlishness to the cut-out uppers. I used to really dislike Swedish Hasbeens; I didn't really get the whole image behind the brand and moreover I didn't think that a clog style shoe would ever be anything but heavy, ugly and cumbersome. Saying that, this style make me feel oddly nostalgic and like I want to don a panama and a striped frock and waltz along a beach somewhere hot. 

I absolutely love the time of year when it becomes acceptable to start properly considering summer footwear. That time is now for me, I know it's cold outside but I have an unmistakeable urge to begin collating and re-discovering my summer shoe-drobe. I also happen to think that this shoe is actually reather timeless, I could see myself wearing it several summers from now and really not feeling as if they had dated at all, the straps would soften with age and the wooden heels would acquire that slightly scuffed and jaded patina that a true wooden heel does so well. No wooden effect, laminate heels here....just plain and simple, beautiful shoes. 

These are on the higher end of my price point but I think it's justifiable in spending more on an investment; this is what I always tell myself, anyway!

What do you think of these?

XO Amie
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Ellen Grace said...

Those shoes are amazing, make me wish we had the weather to wear them!

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Rebecca said...

I love these! x

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