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I wanted to share with you all a post on a bit of interior inspiration for Easter. As it's almost upon us, there's no need, I feel, to "decorate" your home as you would, at say, Christmas time, (unless you want to!) but it can be nice to add a few cute seasonal touches that won't necessarily feel out of place once the event is over!

In my interior space I like lots of clean lines and uncluttered shapes. I love the simplicity of the above chair and I think it would look so lovely with that gorgeous duck egg blue throw casually draped over the back of it. These colours look so lovely together and really add a springtime element to the home whilst being both practical and useful, too. 

To add a bit of fun to the theme I opted to include these super cute rabbit crockery pieces. I adore a playful, quirky bit of china and they can bring an unexpected flavour to the overall look of a room; these pieces instantly dispel any feeling of stuffiness or boredom and give a really playful vibe to the look.

This idea is continued with the addition of the ceramic rabbit ornament which I think is so lovely, definitely on my wish list! I have a vintage rabbit ornament which is a lot smaller than this one but I love the shape of this one and the way he adds a bit of personality to the look. I think he is adorable and definitely in keeping with the Easter theme!

Finally, what would a home be without a beautiful bunch of flowers? I am always looking for an excuse to pick up a bunch and this stunning bouquet from M&S fits the bill perfectly. The stunning lemony yellow and lilac colourway plays perfectly off the creams and beiges picked out in the furniture and accessories and really lends an elegant and sophisticated feel. I love them and I am trying to work out in which corner of my flat I could cram this look in to, it makes me feel excited for the advent of springtime!

What do you think of this look?

XO Amie

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AVY said...

Very cute, I love the easter colors.

How about following each other? Let me know on my blog!



Carmen said...

I love it. Particularly, the chair and the china rabbit. It takes me right back to childhood. And in my case, I'd rather have that in the house for Easter, in place of chocolate eggs (too too much fat and sugar). As for the chair, I am seeing simple white chairs everywhere. I even don't mind those cheaper plastic ones. They can really modernize and freshen up a small apartment. I should add that my blog is: 50 Shades of Unemployment. However, I would so love to write about interior decor rather than unemployment. Best of Luck.

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