Classic with a Twist-Wednesday Want!

Oh my, I just clapped eyes on these shoes by Moda In Pelle and I can't get them out of my head. They're so cute, and I love the fact that they're a ballerina, but have a higher heel! They're perfect!

I have been on the look out for a leopard print court shoe for ages. Initially I thought it would be cool to get a pointed pair with a spiky heel, for a more fierce look, and yet the pair I've fallen for is the polar opposite to that...round toed, block heeled, girly and cute. Oh well, I suppose that's just my style and I like it that way!

Moda In Pelle is a brand I've heard of before, but I don't own any of their products (yet!) The range on the Spartoo site is quite sizeable, with choices ranging from knee high boots to ballerinas, wedges to court shoes, all in sumptuous prints and patterns or spongy patent uppers. 

Have you heard of Moda In Pelle before? Surely you'll agree that these little courts are simply adorable?!

XO Amie
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daisychain said...

these are like, my perfect shoe at the moment! x

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