Disco Pants

Wearing: Jumper from The Gap, Trousers from Urban Outfitters, Vintage shoes, my mums socks, Primark hat and mittens.

Now, from the title of this post, these might not have been the kind of Disco Pants you were expecting to see! I don't think I will ever be the sort of person who wears actual proper Disco Pants, from American Apparel....lovely as they look on everyone else, they're not really my style although they do seem to be a prerequisite item if you're a blogger. They do look really lovely on and so many of my favourite bloggers have them, and style them in many different ways, but for my own version of "Disco Pants" I'm taking inspiration from The Simpsons' Disco Stu, with these checked numbers that I found on the Urban Outfitters sale rail. RRP £48, price I paid: £5. That's the sort of 'disco-'unt I like!

The weather was really cold today but when I popped down to see my mum and dad I had to take advantage of being outside during daylight hours and asked my mum to take some pics. I have been meaning to share this hat and mittens combo with you all for a couple of weeks but keep forgetting to, so here they are in all their glory; hat £2, mittens £4 via Primark. I love the faux fur on the mittens which makes all my coats look as if they have faux fur sleeve trims, so cute. And who doesn't love a pom pom in the winter :)

Hope you've all had a great day :)

XO Amie
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Tia said...

You have a great blog I love it and love your style of writing. Now a follower! PS Loving your 'disco-unt' brill!!!!

Tia xx


Vix said...

What gorgeous pictures! I love that glimpse of sea in the background, that's one well-appointed apartment!
That bobble hat and mittens are adorable on you and I love those DISCO-unt pants! Can you believe OU can afford to sell them at £5 and still make a profit? What a blinking rip off the original price was! xxx

Unknown said...

i recognise these trousers! they look good on you! :) much prefer these disco pants :P xx

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