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Contents (except perfume) November GlossyBox

It's that time again! My GlossyBoxes tend to come towards the end of the month, so try as I might, it's always nearly into the next month before I've tried and tested the products from the latest box, to be able to write up a post for you!

The first product I found in the box was this Alison Claire So Remarkable Mango Body Butter. Now, I'm not sure who Alison Claire is, but she's got her work cut out producing a mango body butter...I'm a die hard devotee to the Body Shop one which is long lasting, smells delicious, and leaves my skin really soft. It's not a bad effort, though I did find it was a big stingy on my legs when I first applied it, which makes me hesitant to want to use it again.

I haven't tried the second product, which is by Wei and is an instant lifting treatment pad. I'm excited to try this but it will have to be at an opportune moment when I can spend a bit of time pampering my face-i.e, not on a weeknight when I literally take off my make up and fall into bed. So I will report back on this one! This is probably the most "sample" like of all the products in the box which, this time, was a really strong one, in my opinion.

I got another Dr Jart BB cream in this box, which I also got a couple of boxes ago. The only difference I can see here is that it's a lower SPF on this one than the other one I've already got. Now, this is a nice product but I'm still not sold on BB creams. They don't give me the coverage I need so I wouldn't wear it without putting foundation over the top, which I think defies the point. Do you use BB creams? Have you got any tips to make them look better? 

The product I am most excited to try is this Daily Microfoliant from Dermalogica. I like Dermalogica products but can't ever afford to buy them so this was a great item to get. I've had a little look at it, and it's formulated as a fine powder which you mix with water to form an exfoliating paste which you massage into the skin. I haven't tried it yet but I am really keen to!

The last product in my box was this gorgeous pink "Notting Hill Gate" polish from Nails Inc. This is only a tiny pot of varnish but I think it's a lovely colour and you'll have seen it on my blog already last week! I know I'll wear this a lot and I think it's a great sample to get in my box.
I was really happy with this month's Glossy Box, especially after being a bit disappointed with my last few. It's so nice to get some decent products I know I'll use!

The final photo is of a perfume I bought last week. Whilst it's a little uncool, I couldn't help but pick up this Playboy Bunny VIP perfume (which cost just £6.49 in Boots) because it's a good dupe for a Chloe fragrance that I really love! And now it's on my dressing table I don't even hate the bottle...I think it's kind of cute!
XO Amie
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jordane yasmin said...

I've been dying to subscribe to the g/box for a few months now but i find that a lot of people seem disappointed with what's in the boxes so it's great to see that you're really looking forward to using something from it :-) also you would never of guessed that was a playboy perfume the bottle is adorable! xxx

Unknown said...

very cute indeed! xxx

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