First Graze Box

Yummy! this isn't a usual post from me, but as I mentioned recently I've just signed up to Graze Box. I was hooked in by the offer of a free box which I saw in a magazine, so thought I'd sign up for that and then probably cancel. However, I think they know that once you've had your freebie, you'll be more than willing to start paying for these gorgeous snacks! Now that my free box has arrived I can't see me cancelling anytime soon. I was so impressed with the style of the box and the packaging, not to mention the wonderful contents.

So how does Graze Box work? Well, you sign up on the website to receive your boxes, and there are over 100 snacks you can choose to try. When you sign up, all the snacks are set to "try", so you could be sent any of the items, but you can go through and select to "bin" anything you don't like the look of, and you won't be sent it. Equally you can ask for things to be "sent soon" so if there's something that takes your fancy and you want to try, you can receive it sooner. 

My first box contained: artisan bread (smoked paprika, garlic and thyme flavour) YUM! The bread is available on any day except Monday so if you want to get bread in your box you need to make sure your delivery date is not a Monday! My boxes are delivered on a Friday and I will make the snacks last four days. They're ideal for popping in my bag for my work lunches or if I'm going out for the day. Things like bread and cakes you're advised to eat straight away as they're less likely to keep but obviously they come freshly sealed so will keep overnight. 
I also got: basil and garlic olives (I added these to my "send soon's" as I adore olives, and these sounded amazing. Also olives are pretty expensive so it works out well in that regard because you get quite a few-I probably wouldn't eat all these in one go. (well, I could, but I won't!) They come with a skewer to munch on them with.
Something else I'd asked to be "sent soon" were these black pepperdoms with a mango chutney dip. They looked amazing on the site and I thought Adrian might like to try them too so I'm glad they've come straightaway.
The one product I had set to "like" on my product list were these apple and cinammon flapjacks. I look forward to trying these even though I wasn't particularly fussed whether I was sent them or not. But they look yummy and are a decent sized snack, but much better for you than a slab of chocolate which is what I usually want come 3pm.

Overall I was really impressed with the service and the product from Graze Box. I won't be cancelling my subscription because I think £3.79 (inc delivery) is really good value for such a healthy and varied snack box. I suppose because it gives me 4 days of snacks, that's why I feel it's good value, I know some people could probably eat this whole box in one go (probably me to be honest!) but I want to spread out the contents over a few days. I'm very happy to pay for high quality products and the ease of having them delivered directly to my home is also a factor I considered. You get a small welcome pack in your first box, telling you more about the company and the service, which is all personalised (I know, mail merge, it's not hard, but more companies should do this!) and the box is eco friendly and recyclable too. In all, very happy and I am looking forward to next week's box.

If you would like to try Graze Box for free (your first box only, but you can cancel after that if you want to, though you probably won't!) I have a code you can use on the website which is 4P3K3QVC 

What do you think of this concept? Is it something you would try, or do you already receive them? I'd love to know.

XO Amie
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Unknown said...

I love my graze boxes - especially the Copacabana box and the BBQ pistachios! xx

Unknown said...

This is such a great concept in my opinion! The snacks look delicious and the price is more than reasonable! Really cool, I'd love to try something like this too, will take a look around if something similar is available in Germany!

hannah said...

What a great post - I have been wondering myself about how these turn out to be as I've seen the free offers for a while now. The box looks bigger than I expected - each snack looks bigger. I'm not sure how I expected them to be presented but it really does look great :) I look forward to reading about whether you enjoyed all the snacks!

Samantha Jade said...

Grazebox has always intrigued me and it does look pretty darn good, I'm not sure if I'd be able to stretch out four days though haha.xx

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

I had one of those leaflets fall out of Glamour and I'm really tempted!

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