Club Tropicana

Wearing: Trousers c/o Matalan, Pastelle ballet pumps, Vintage blouse

Just because the weather is rubbish doesn't mean I have to wear greys all the time! I do love a lack of colour but sometimes it's nice to inject a little into a look. Step forward these Club Tropicana-esque trousers from Matalan. They're a lovely shape-high waisted, tapered/pyjama shaped in the leg and made from a lovely soft silky fabric. I also adore the print despite it being a million miles from anything I'd normally choose. You can buy them yourself here. The only thing I'd change is to perhaps make them a little more fitted on the ankle but I can roll them up to create this look.
I decided to wear these with a really simple silky tee shirt shaped blouse which I picked up in a charity shop a few years ago. I've had a real blitz on my wardrobe over the last few weeks and bundled loads of things out the door-to charity, recycling, eBay or to friends. It feels very theraputic and is actually making my life easier with regard to making an outfit choice each day! I've decided to employ the lovely Vix's methods when it comes to new things-my wardrobe is now operating on a strictly "one in, one out" policy. So for every new to me thing I buy or am given, something needs to go out in it's place. This will help to make sure I am not drowning in clothing! My gorgeous friend Belle gave me a bag full of goodies from her wardrobe earlier in the week so I need to go back through my bits and bobs and have another sort through now!
In typical fashion, I got halfway through taking these outfit snaps and it started to rain, boo. I don't want to leave the house today, it's so dull and dreary!
XO Amie
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