Thanks Natalie!

wearing: Gap blouse and straw hat, Primark sandals, amazing stripy jeans won from Natalie Hartley's blog

Firstly: 500 followers! wahoo, can't believe it! thanks everyone! hope you're enjoying reading my posts each day, thanks so much for commenting, it means the world to me! As promised I will be doing a little giveaway post in a few days time so keep your eyes peeled for that!
Secondly: I got so many comments on my Graze Box post, I think they're more popular than I had first thought! I have so far eaten the bread and it was delicious. Also some of the feedback I got from the post was that the portions looked bigger than people were expecting-I have to say they're bigger than I was expecting too, which is nice to know you're getting your money's worth. I would thoroughly recommend this service, I've even got Adrian tempted to sign up!

Back to the clothes then! As many of my regular readers will know, one of my veritable style icons is the gorgeous Natalie Hartley. She is the Senior Fashion Editor at Instyle magazine, and she has a blog, Natalie Hartley Wears. Well, a couple of weeks or so ago, she posted these very jeans on her blog, and if you commented or tweeted her the way you would style them, you were in with the chance of winning them. Now, they're not my typical style AT ALL, I love skinny jeans but as you know I always choose grey, black, navy-never rainbow stripes! But I thought, well, how would I style these to wear them my way? And I decided, a cream silk blouse, tan sandals and a trilby would take them from "out there" to wearable style. And guess what?! Natalie liked my tweet and I won them! How exciting is that! When they came I wanted to show you guys so I've styled them here as I said I would-typically on a rainy English day but I can see myself wandering around a Madrid market or a Moroccan souk dressed like this. It's kind of my take on holiday dressing-braver than I'd wear in the UK but still retaining a certain element of my own look. I rolled the sleeves on the blouse to make it less formal, cuffed the jeans (I've got short legs haha!) and used the tan leather sandals to anchor it all together. I think these would also look amazing worn with neons or block brights but this is my own take, and I like it!
I don't know whether to wear these jeans or frame them and put them on my wall! Natalie Hartley is such an inspiration to me and I thoroughly suggest you check out her blog-and enter her competitions too!
Hope you're having a good weekend! I am off to power through an hour of pilates, shower and catch up with Big Brother!
XO Amie
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Priscilla P said...

Just discovered your blog thanks to hellocotton :) truly love your style and the soft quality of your photos. looking forward to being a new follower :)

byvanessaleigh said...

Congrats! I hope i will get to 500 one day :) Love this outfit, so cute and fun.. Love, VLL xo

Demi-Leigh said...

Wow that is so cool that you won them! I read In Style magazine each month but had no idea Natalie had a blog so I will be checking that out!

Hannah said...

AMAZING jeans!
I have never seen those around before - they are lovely!
Hannah xo

Steph & The Spaniels said...

The jeans are truly amazing, I just love them :) So summery and happy! xx

Lara Inez said...

these jeans are bloody amazing!!! not sure i could pull them off, but they look fab on you! x

daisychain said...

those jeans are freaking incredible. please wear them. a lot.

Kim said...

Omg these jeans are the best thing ever! Where are they from originally? I need them in my life! x

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