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Wearing: Zara boucle jacket, Gap tee and skinnies, Topshop shoes

Ah, a rather photo heavy post and one also including my latest purchase....my very first Dyson, bought from my friend Emma for the grand sum of £15. I am ridiculously excited by this hoover because up until this point the only two hoover's I've had have been cheap as chips and of the pull along variety, c/o Argos or Tezzers, so to have a fancy schmancy Dyson is making me happy. I don't mind that it's secondhand because I would never have been able to afford a new one, so thanks to my lovely friend and her generosity there is now one in my life. And my home. I never in a million years would have thought that I would get excitable over a hoover, but meh-there it is; I've always been a houseproud little thing but it's only in the last couple of years that I've really begun to think about interiors and decor; and currently our little home is shaping up to look quite lovely. Adrian is an Illustrator (I'm sure I've mentioned this before) and as such I am keen to get some lovely prints (of his own and that he's bought) up on our walls. It's lucky we share similar tastes really-we're very alike so our home is a great reflection of that. I do the cleaning mind! I don't mind about that though because I quite like it. I can't cook (well, I am improving!) so it's my only nod to domesticity!

Anyway enough about my Dyson *boring* more about my clothes! I feel like an extra from Gossip Girl in this outfit, I don't even know why really but I suppose it's something to do with the big shades and the tweedy/boucle jacket. Love this jacket! I am wearing it quite a lot despite it being slightly too big on the shoulders, makes me feel a little like superman but actually I'll let that go because everything else about it, I adore. 
The Topshop Vectra pumps have turned out to be a wise investment: they go with everything and don't hurt my bunion. WIN! So I am glad I bought those although I found a pair of loafers in a Weston chazza for £2.50 which I've actually been wearing an awful lot too....typical.....

I am thinking of making a few changes to my blog, nothing major, i.e the layout will remain the same but I am thinking I might scat the "She Wore What" title and just call my blog "Credit Crunch Chic" which is what my blog url is. I think I must be the only blogger in the 'sphere whose url is different to their blog title-I don't know why it happened like that, maybe I am greedy and wanted to call the blog two different things! However, the beginnings of this blog, many moons ago (2 years!) were rooted in the recession having an effect on my pocket and my wardrobe-the plummeting economy hasn't really recovered and though my style has changed and evolved over the period my blog has run, the fact that I have very little money for "expendables" such as clothing and accessories, has not. In fact I would say I am probably cutting back more than ever before (like many others out there at the moment) which means I am raiding charity shops and eBay all the more to slake my fashion thirst. I still rarely buy full price on the high street unless I have a voucher or coupon; I'd love to say I shopped in Whistles and Reiss but the reality is that all of the high end lables hanging in my wardrobe have been unearthed from charity shops or won for a pittance on my favourite marketplace website!

Well, I'll continue to think about any changes I might make but what do you guys think?

Hope you have a great weekend!

XOXO (ha!)

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Nicole said...

I like your jacket :)

Kim said...

Oh so stylish. Love the jacket :) x

Anonymous said...

Recession or not, I love all your looks

Carrie said...

I like the name change to Credit Crunch Chic! It's always fun to give the blog a fresh look, it helps to keep me inspired. :)
<3 Carrie

Natasha Fatah said...

Love this play on prints/textures you've done here. Really nice!

~Natasha Fatah~
~Natasha Fatah~

Kezzie said...

You look really nice! What a great textured coat!
Incidently, my blog url is different to my title but oh I wish my blog url were the same as my blog name, I didn't quite get what the url would be when I set my blog up 8 years ago, nor did I think about people being able to google my name!!!!
I don't think it's greedy, it's catering to two diferent aspects of your blog and personality?!

Crosswire Dreamers said...

I love the shoes. I have the same one sin black and was thinking about getting the nude ones. Gorgeous!

Tilly said...

Love this outfit! :)

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