Wearing: vintage jeans and jacket, APC tunic, Topshop slipper shoes

Wahhhh I am in love with the lable APC. It's very French, hence the reason I love it, and very, very expensive, which is the only reason I don't. Happily, I have been trawling eBay for APC shaped bargains and stumbled upon this tunic which I won for around £3. It's so much prettier without the jacket on so I will show it to you that way soon, but at the moment it's too cold! I haven't had much luck since, mind-it all seems to be going for much more money so I think I just lucked out with this piece! Anyway I know I'll wear it loads, its such a great shape and colour for me. I love how it looks with navy too :)

What brands do you love, but can't afford? I also adore Carven but I'll not be spending several hundreds of pounds on dresses and shirts anytime soon....perhaps I should start looking for that on eBay!

XO Amie
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Anonymous said...

This is one of my favorite brands but their prices are exorbitant. It's a shame because their clothes are gorgeous.

daisychain said...

I love APC too! And I REALLY love your laid back style x

Nicole said...

This outfit looks really nice, I love your shoes :) xx

Vix said...

What a fab find and perfect with the Chinese worker's jacket, too! I did find an APC dress last year in a chazza shop but it was beyond repair sadly!

Anonymous said...

I love this outfit. It's absolutely perfect. Your style is amazing!

Kim said...

Ahh can I just have your whole wardrobe please? xx

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