Snake Skinny

Wearing: River Island flatforms, Topshop Leigh skinny jeans ( £9 via eBay) Vintage mens Gant sweater (thrifted)

Firstly, thankyou for all the comments you've left me regards my change of blog name. I think Credit Crunch Chic is a good reflection of my content and since it's always been my url it makes sense (to me!) to pull it down as my blog title too. I hope you like the changes! I am so impatient, I did say I'd stop and think about it, which I did for, ooh, about 5 minutes before I went off changing pictures and titles and so on! My current title picture is probably only temporary, but I think it's current and reflective of my blog at the moment so it will do!

I've had a busy day today which is always the case on a day off! I was up early to pop down to the hairdressers to have my fringe and ends trimmed and then had a little mooch around town. I am compiling a payday shopping list in my head but it currently doesn't contain any clothes, believe it or not! I want some bits from Ikea and a new yoga mat, exciting times!

I am wearing some snakeskin skinny jeans that I found on eBay a couple of weeks ago. I love the idea of printed skinny jeans and these ones look fab with a plain black sweater-this is a man's one I got in a charity shop.

Hope you have a lovely weekend!

XO Amie
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Riley Ellise said...

I adore your Jeans! said...

Love your pants!

follow eachother?

Rosie Savage said...

Those jeans are amazing, and especially with the creepers!

Rosie x

Helen said...

LOVE the jeans and the flatforms!

daisychain said...

This entire outfit is brilliant and I love the new name :) xo

elspeth angharad said...

Those jeans are amazing! Lovely blog, i'm following :) xx

Vix said...

Happy new blog name. I love it, much more you and dead catchy!
Those jeans are so cool and a perfect fit. Loving the chunky trainers and the bloke's jumper, too.
Hope the haircut went well and that you had a fab weekend. xxx

Lydia said...

those jeans are hottt on you! x

Sasha said...

Love this outfit! I have the same flatforms, they're amazing aren't they? you look great

Sasha xx

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