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Le sigh. She ALWAYS gets it right, doesn't she? Whilst I usually look to fellow bloggers for inspiration, (and always find it) lately one lady is ticking all the boxes for me and my 'inspiration' folder on my netbook is filled with her pictures. Yus, I'm-a talkin about a certain Miz Chung. Now, her style is quite similar to mine in that we both wear a lot of muted tones (neon? hell to the no) I did wonder if she is a Virgo but despite being born in the same year as me, (1983) she is a November baby so doesn't share my star sign. I only wondered this as she favours the earthy tones that I love mixed with a large helping of navy and tan (such a perfecto combo) and a generous dose of stripes. I can't help but love her. Unlike me, mind, she wears a lot of ULTRA short skirts, I did buy this skirt (bottom pic) in the Urban Outfitters sale because I had seen her wear something like it, maybe exactly it, but I was hoping I could pull it off and I will be attempting to come sunnier climes. It's APC and was reduced from something stupid like £200 to £20. I love it anyway but I am hoping some Chungspiration will hit and I'll find a way to make it work for me. You'll notice she has also helped fuel my Superga obsession too....

Just need to point out as well that these pics have been kicking around in my folder for ages so I have no credits, if you recognise any as being yours please let me know and I'll pop the appropriate credit in :)

Things I love about Alexa: she dresses quite tomboyishly but this means she can wear things that are sugary (like little dresses) without looking twee as she invariably wears them with trainers or chelsea boots. She isn't often seen in heels (unless it's a chunky boot) which is good for me as well, due to my current back sitch heels aren't my friend anymore. She wears print but not a huge amount of colour, and seems to choose quite classic shapes-so me. What I need to remember, mind, is that she has abso chipstick legs that I am super jel of, and this means she can wear, for example, an ankle strapped flat, whereas I can't because I'd look like I had cankles. True. She wears a lot of very, very short skirts and shorts too and I am wary of that look without tights because I have cellulite that no one needs to see. I usually save short shorts for the beach but I am considering a pair of high waisted denims for summer-can anyone point me in the direction of somewhere that sells nice high waisted denim shorts? As I can't seem to find any! They don't have to be Levi or anything, I'm more concerned about a decent fit :)
So! sorry for this picture heavy post about my fashion obsession! But I think sometimes it's good to look at other girls to get ideas with regards to your own style and Alexa is providing visual fodder for me at the moment!
Who is your stylish touchstone right now?
XO Amie
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Alexa Chung is just WOW

Carrie said...

alexa chung really does have nice style. i am loving her tuxedo look with the white and black blazer.

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squidword said...

i love every single look so much!!
maybe you want to take part at my romwe giveaway:)

squidword said...

i love every single look so much!!
maybe you want to take part at my romwe giveaway:)

katherine said...

alexa chung is AMAZING. end of story.

KBAlife said...

she is amazing!

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