Fashion Sins

I'll get to my fashion sins in a second but first: Hi new hair! I took the plunge on friday and reached for some dye. It's actually a lot darker than I thought it would be but I do really like it; it looks a lot healthier and my ombre was starting to look a little dated so I think this freshens up my look a lot. It does make me look paler though so I have had to reach for the bronzer!
My fashion sins today are wearing black and brown together! I know the 'rules' say you're not supposed to but I actually really like this combination! I bought a tunic in the sale at H&M and I've really wanted to try the tunic look out; I would probably wear this as a dress in high summer with sandals but actually I think it looks cute over jeans. And a little different to things I usually go for; but I think it's nice to update your look with pieces that are 'not your norm' every once in a while.
The little binocular case is, believe it or not, from Primark, I bought it when I bought the chunky cardi that I showed you guys the other day. It bust the budget at just £1. I love it, it's so cute and unusual and I really like the structured shape. It's ideal because I walk everywhere so it's nice to be able to have my hands free and the size means I don't fill it with stuff I don't need, which means I don't hurt myself carrying it!
Well I hope you like my new hair colour! I'd love to hear your feedback. Also what do you guys think of tunics, are they a style you'd wear?
XO Amie
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