Oh hai flatforms! Omg like every other blogger in the world I think, I have been after a pair of flatforms for ages even though I do think they are very odd looking; however I also think they're really rather cute. Initially I was going to go for a pair from ASOS which were a court shoe type shape with the wedge detail, but then I kept seeing cool little brogue styled flatforms and I must admit they did catch my eye. I saw a gold pair in Toppers but then I already have gold Clarks brogues so I did think 2 gold pairs may be a bit much. And then I found these in, of all places, New Look! They are actually from the teen range *blush* but because I have little trotters they came in my size luckily! I don't often shop in New Look but I popped in to have a look for some shorts and saw these instead. Typical! They were reduced to £11, they're cheap and cheerful I suppose but I liked them too much to leave them behind. They are really weird to wear, when I fist put them on I was slipping and sliding all over the place but I soon got used to the "clown roll" that they make you do, it's very bizarre but maybe they'll help to tone up my legs haha. I decided to break them in by doing a mammoth charity shop treasure hunt in them which probably wasn't wise, I must have visited around 15 charity shops today all over the place (so tired now!) and all I bought was....wait for it, don't get too excited....a paper shredder for 99p! Ha! why is it when I feel really up for a chazzer bash I can't find anything! Sod's law I suppose!! The flatforms were comfy for all the walking I did but unfortch did rub a blister up on my heel :( So I had to reach for granny's old box of plasters to sort that out. 
What else am I rocking today Oh yes the cardigan from yesterdays post which I fear is going to become a staple. Poor Adrian's face dropped when I showed him it, I bought it from Primark the other day along with the same one in black, because we know I love an old man's cardigan, these are even called "grandad cardigan" on the receipt lol it was meant to be. The poor chap must so tire of coming home from work to see me resplendent in my stinky (they're not despite Adrian's claims to the contrary) old man's knits. I rarely shop in Primark as I don't really like cheap clothes or the trend for fast fashion but I put my snobbery aside and I am pleased about it because this and the black version only cost £5 each in the sale, and they were JUST what I was looking for. Of course the quality is severly lacking as barely 24 hours in all the buttons are hanging off, mind you I wanted to cut them all off anyway and stitch some lovely vintage ones I have on instead, because the only other thing I hate about shopping in Primark is that everytime you go out you see someone with the same outfit. So customisation is the key to individuality with a Primarni bargain, I feel!
The pretty ring I am wearing was given to me by a friend, the blouse is Quiksilver Women's and the jeans are Freego that I thrifted a few months ago. 
I am super tired from my mammoth efforts walking around today, so I intend to make my tea and then crash out on the sofa and watch some telly. Hope you all have a lovely evening :)
XO Amie
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