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It's so funny, I have a really karmic relationship with charity shops. I can get really stressed that I won't find anything, and I don't, for ages, I can revisit old ones, discover new ones, and go to ones I rarely bother to visit and find exactly nothing. And then I stop overthinking it, maybe donate a couple of bags of stuff, and a week later, boom! a whole world of discovery. I took some stuff up to a local shop last week and when I went on my weekly jaunt to have a look to see if anything was about, I hit the jackpot. I found a Quiksilver dress, which we used to stock at the shop I worked at, retailing for about £55, for £7. I found 3 pairs of jeans-the lovely older lady at the counter said, "you know these are £2.99 each, is that ok?" bless her heart-of course it's ok! In a world where the cheapest jeans I can find are Primarni specials in horrible thin denim, which even there, don't come in at under a tenner, barely worn luxe heavy weight jeans for £3 seems like a good buy to me. "We often get small sizes in here" she conspiratorially whispered. Don't worry, I told her-I'd be back. What a lovely lady. And I feel good that my purchases will also help a charity. Charity shops are great aren't they! Talk about feel good shopping!
I had a rather bottom-heavy trip actually because I then discovered these leather pants in our local hospice shop. I hummed and haaed for a little while over these because they were a tenner, which is completely ridiculous for bespoke leather trousers, and once I realised I was being pedantic because they were in a charity shop, I snapped them up. Duh! If they'd been hanging on a rail in Topshop for a tenner I wouldn't have even hesitated, which says a lot for my mindset, and I'm a bonafide charity shopper! They are ever so slightly too tight, really high on the waist with a tapered leg-in short, my perfect trouser, even if I do have to breathe in to get them on. I am hoping they will stretch slightly as they are absolutely butter soft, I dread to think of the cost of these when they were new, and I am so glad I did get them because they are beautiful. 
The star of the show, mind, is this totes amaze blonde vintage faux fur coat which I won from eBay a couple of weeks ago (it took ages to arrive for some reason.) It is really cocoony and I am loving the bracelet length sleeves and the boxy shape. It's also really soft and smells really nice, bizarrely! I think I paid just over a fiver for it, which is one of the reasons that I love eBay haha :)
Anyway, this is quite a relaxed outfit for me but I love wearing simple shapes and pieces together; the shoes are vintage Anna Costoli (I think) and were £4 from my local Scope shop.
Hope you like! Have you got any great bargains from charity shops lately?
XO Amie
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