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Hey everyone, I wanted to share a really quick DIY post with you. I am pretty rubbish when it comes to being crafty; I can do the basics of sewing etc and make cushion covers, things like that, but anything more adventurous is usually a no go simply because I don't have a sewing machine and I am quite impatient! I always used to buy reduced faulty items with a view to repairing them and yes, you've guessed it, they mainly stay in the state I bought them in!
I've noticed a trend for sleeveless, high collared chiffon blouses of late and I really liked the few I'd seen on the high street but for a scrap of fabric they're surprisingly expensive. I saw two in Miss Selfridge at £36 each and a couple in Topshop but these were also about £38-£40 which was more than I wanted to spend.
I remembered I had this orange blouse which I bought last year from Primark, you may remember it from here and here. Whilst I liked the blouse, I was a bit over the sleeves, which were a wide fitting shape with a tight cuff-quite on trend at the time I bought the top but perhaps not so much now. So basically, I took scissors to them, and hey presto, a sleeveless blouse. I think it helps that maybe the basic shape of this blouse is similar to the ones that are quite popular anyway-it's longer at the back and buttons right up to the neck. 
If you need any further instruction (I can't imagine you would!) seriously all I did was make a cut through both layers of fabric at the point of the armpit seam, then I cut around the seam line of the arm hole. I probably cut about half way and then gave up and just ripped the fabric the rest of the way. It's so basic, you really can't go wrong. It's like, follow the line, if I can do it, anyone can! If you wanted the shirt to look more tailored then I would maybe leave a couple of cemtimetres from where you cut to make a hem, however I liked a little roughness to contrast with the soft chiffon fabric so I left it raw and just teased the edges out a little bit.
You could do this DIY with any old shirt that you have and it's super easy and quick and completely transforms the piece into something new. I've worn mine buttoned right up with a bit of ribbon around the collar and I love it! (I'll try and include it in an outfit post soon!) If you don't have a shirt similar to this but you like the look, I'd definitely recommend checking out your local chairty shops; I always see wicked printed blouses in my local ones and it would be so easy to transform something grannyish into something super cool. You can even go oversized because I think these shirts look fine worn a little bigger.
What do you think of this style, will you be trying it out? 
XO Amie
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Uniqua H. said...

Thanks for this post! I have so many long sleeved shirts like that and since it getting warmer cutting off the sleeves is a good idea!

xxyy said...

Love the colour of the shirt. xx

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