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Well, I know I am super behind on my outfit posts this week-but a combination of Adrian's exhibition, my car playing up, and couple of other things has meant unexpected trips home and so no time to do them really! Soz; must do better! I did use the opportunity to take some pics to show you mind-so there is at least something to look at!

This is my old bedroom at my mums house. It's really tiny and since I moved out my mum has gone to a lot of effort to make it look uncluttered and chintzy. I love the 'shabby chic' look and so does my mum, so lots of dark wood, floral fabrics and lace are the order of the day. It's a gorgeous room despite its size and it's really cosy and comfy to be in. These pics are definitely on my inspiration board for our flat. I definitely need to invest in some gorgeous bed linen like this. 

This is a picture I tweeted the other week of my wrist tattoo. Not many people realise I have this because it's really small and easily hidden with a watch or bracelet, but I love having it because I think it's so cute. I'm not going to lie-it hurt! But I'd have it done again in a flash! Adrian has a really cool tattoo of stars and ghosts on his arm, mine isn't quite as cool as this but I love it all the same!

These are the Koah flatties that I got the other week-they are SO Jil Sander which I think I mentioned at the time and I am absolutely loving them! They're so comfy and fit really well! Plus no annoying thong toe strap to rub my tootsies raw! It's so refreshing to see a thick-strapped sandal, something I've really struggled to find in the past!

The Ratbag, hanging out in the park!

And me! In the dry-clean-only top that I've now gone and got makeup on. Blimming heck.

HAD to take a snap of this Lindt bunny Adrian bought me for easter, before I demolished it. I was going to save it but, what would I do with it, really?! It's sooooo cute though....but it did taste amazing nomnomnommmmm!!!

I wore a side bun the other day, courtesy of a doughnut ring from Boots. You can make them easily from a pair of socks but I've had this one for aeons so I just fished it out of the draw and stuck it in. Simple way to make a really stylish hairstyle, I think, it always looks a lot more impressive than it actually is to do.

Gorgeous flowers from my mums garden :)

Two favourite pieces of jewellery; my nameplate necklace and this rather bonkers electric orange toothy/clawy thing. Which I am actually a little partial to, despite it's nutty appearance!

I have a new rucksack, which is wierd for me as I don't think backpacks are really my thing. But this one from Quiksilver Women's line is super cute and, if I was festivalling this summer, just what I'd want. Rope detailing and plaited trims add a girly edge to the tough khaki canvas. And it's a great size! Check it out for yourselves here.

Whilst I was home I picked up my Vogue magazine and I thought, since it was the beauty issue I'd show you the contents of my makeup bag!

There's not much in there to be honest! Probably my favourite product is one I treated myself to-this pretty YSL lipstick.

Did you read my blog post yesterday? If you did, you'll have seen me mention my most useless Primark ballet pumps. Well it would be rude not to share a photo now, wouldn't it!

And here they are!

Finally-my bedroom doorstop! Squished mouse anyone!?! I love things that are a little bit quirky with a sense of bizareness...and I think you'll agree that this definitely carried those qualities!
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Vix said...

Hi Amie! I'm so behind on commenting this week.
What a lovely lot of pictures. Your childhood bedroom is so pretty and classy, no Take That duvet covers or Ikea furniture in sight.
Love those new sandlas and the wrist tattoo and that rucksack is fab, I'd love to find an old khaki canvas one with leather straps like the one I had a teenager when i was made to go on hiking holidays.
That doorstop is genius.

Princess and the pea x said...

Such a cute little post chicken, lovely just lovely xoxo

Carrie said...

Haha I LOVE that mouse doorstop! It makes me laugh! I love quirky things, especially when they are useful things that you need. And that bedspread at your Mom's is gorgeous! :)
Also, I wanted to thank you for following my blog, it really means a lot to me! :)
<3 Carrie

Anonymous said...

Lovely post! I also love quirky things, your little mouse is so cute! I'm also a massive fan of your tattoo, it's gorgeous xx

Helen said...

LOVE those sandals, totally Jil Sander! Also love the backpack, I've been looking for a good one for festivals. I have those ballet pumps in black, they're so comfy.

Strawberry Freckleface said...

Loooove the gray nails!

strawberry freckleface

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