As I have mentioned on my blog before, since the car accident I was involved in a few weeks ago, I've found it hard to wear heels. This is a blow for me, as I love my heels! But the backache I get from them makes it not worth the stylish looks, sad to say. So this has made me look at flat shoe alternatives-I posted about some really cute flat boots the other week and I've obviously been rocking my Koah strappy flats when the sun's been out.
But one gaping hole in my shoe collection deserves to be filled by a ballet flat. This humble pump, beloved of Kate Moss and pretty much the best shoe-option to fully complement a skinny jean is not only comfortable but also completely chic. Taking notes from the Catwalks of SS11, balletic influences were everywhere, from tutu skirts and wrap cardigans to the stalwart of the trend-the ballet-styled shoe. And what better way to dip a toe into this trend than to choose a classic and stylish piece of footwear.
Prints and quirky details make the basic ballet pump come alive. Animal prints, block colours, studs and chains will make your shoes the focus of your look and breathe life into simple shapes, making clean cuts more directional.

Cafe Noir

All these gorgeous pumps, and many more, can be found over on Spartoo! What's your take on the humble pump? Do you wear them?
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