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The girl can't help it. Despite my much needed economy drive, I can't help but be drawn to the most luxe of brands. It's ridiculous because it's not as if I'll be able to afford any of these items-thought they are, all, conveniently, in the sale-but there's something about a real quality piece that sets it apart from it's other high street counterparts. Take these Jaeger trews. Simple, clean design, classic cut, navy blue-timeless. I'm sure I could probably find just as nice a pair in Topshop; but somehow they wouldn't be the same, they wouldn't be something I would covet and then wear for ever and ever until they fell apart, as I'm sure these would be. 
I must admit that over the course of this blog my style has really evolved. I never thought that that much would change, really; but as I head toward the two year anniversary (I think!) of She Wore What?! I really feel that I have made some changes with regard to the way I dress and my own personal style.
I never thought I wouldn't shop in Topshop, for starters. As a young'un ALL my wages would be merrily thrown around in the Topshop sale; I'd stalk an item I loved with regularity and pounce on it as soon as I saw the flash of a SALE poster. Not much has changed in this respect-I'm still certainly a bargainista, (and I always bloody wait for sales-tightwad!) I just have slightly different tastes nowadays. Don't get me wrong, Toppers is great, but I am just getting a little tired of the same old thing that everyone already has and actually I am beginning to find it a little uninspiring. Same goes for H&M-now and again they'll have a great piece but majoritatively I am bored of their selections. This is one of the reasons I frequent chazzers so much-to find the next interesting piece and try and make my style a little more unique, even if this means I am not as 'on trend' as the most stylish Topshop girls are.

I feel my style has matured a whole lot. I am so much more comfortable in a pair of smartly tailored trousers, a blouse and a slick pair of heels than I would ever be in jeans or a t shirt. Nothing wrong with jeans or a tee for that matter, I just prefer a more luxe fabric I think. Silk blouses have become my go-to for an instant luxury pick-me-up and a slim trouser shape is rapidly kicking my harem collection into touch. Pumps are killing me at the moment but since the car accident I have found it hard to wear heels without having a lot of pain in my back, so for the first time (in my life-well, since the age of about 13) I am finding I need to buy flats. Smart leather ballet pumps in a block colour look so chic with a cigarette shaped pant, and I am finding that the Kaos flats from Spartoo that bear an uncanny resemblance to Jil Sander's sandals have been a fantastic investment. A couple of years ago my style consisted of a skinny jean or harem trouser, logo tee (usually vintage or kitschy) and some sort of jacket (leather) or cardigan (heavy knit). Nowadays I am more sleek shapes and directional cuts (or, this is where I want to be). I posted a 'Carrie Bradshaw' esque outfit the other week (see here) and as soon as I'd taken the shots I had to change. This is not who I am. I have had a few little ups and downs with my style over the years but I am finally figuring out where I want to be with it, I think. The last few weeks have been really hard for me for varying reasons and it's funny, when you have a change in your life it makes you re-evaluate. My style had been getting me down for a while because I felt I had lost my way with it a little, but now I feel like I have found a bit of clarity with regard to how I feel about my own personal look. Cripes, get your therapy out! Sorry everyone-talk about offloading! I hope you don't mind reading about my deviation to lifestyle directives in what was, essentially, meant to be a post about luxury brands! Annnnnd back on track!

What was I saying again? Oh yes-comfort and style: Present yourself, my new Jaeger shoe crush. £49 from £115 is a very good reduction but I sadly haven't got £49 in my pocket with which to claim you. Oh well, I shall be on the hunt for the perfect pair of ballet pumps in a post to come. Note: They are NOT my Primark studded numbers (whichever way you look at it, PrimeTime is a false economy. So why do I still deign to shop there, eh?! I am such a contradiction. Though I need to mention the only things I buy there these days are homewares-the last purchase being a shower curtain (£4) and a rather Luella-esque pony print throw (£5). I don't even look at the clothing anymore-I can't, because I'll no doubt want to buy, and then I'll spend loads on stuff I'll be taking to the recycling bin in 3 months time.) So I save myself the heartache and bypass the womens floor. Talk about hardcore! But back to the Primark flats: My feet sweat like cheese left on top of a cooker (nice! I'm such an oversharer!) in them and they are already beginning to split and bust apart at the toes. So, sayonara cheapy shoes. You're not worth my time.

This gorgeous thing definitely is, mind! Checkit: A sunglasses BAG you can wear around your neck! You'd probably fit your phone and lippy in there too! I want it! For no other reason than that! It's smart and it's green and I like it very much! Why are bags so expensive, that's what I'd like to know! I'm on the lookout for a nice smart leather weekender, I bought a cute briefcase in one of the cheaper Bristol chazzers the other week but I am always on the lookout for the next thing. Something else I need to put a lid on: always wanting MORE! I always think, I buy something and then I won't need anything else-then I invariably do! I have had a right old time clearing out my wardrobe, finding multiples of essentially the same thing, in different colours and fabrics, let alone things I haven't even worn because I bought it when it wasn't really my style, and as such, have never even put it on. Am I alone in this? Are we a nation of try-harders? How many times have you guys bought something to try a trend, and then never worn it since it's so far removed from our wardrobe comfort zones? Show yourselves, neon trousers, printed palazzo's, hotpants and leather shorts: all these things I've bought, tried and worn once or not at all, because they're so far out of my 'fashion friendly' zone. Luckily I have no sentimentality when it comes to clothes, or at least this is something I've worked up to over the years. I used to be a terrible hoarder; now, unless it's vintage (read: irreplaceble) and I haven't worn it, it goes. TIP: ASOS Marketplace or eBay are really good platforms to empty your wardrobes onto. I use ASOS Marketplace for the better bits, and eBay for the rest. Anything else goes to charity (if it's in good nick-they're not glorified recycle bins, and as a previous chazzer volunteer, I've witnessed first hand the tat that people give away.) As a rule of thumb: If you wouldn't buy it, don't assume someone else will. Anything broken or stained should also be given the heave-ho: local recycling facilities for clothing are better than ever and most green boxes accept clothing for recycling, so that's another option.
House of Harlow
Jewellery I'll always have time for, though I am having an accessory drought of late. I can't seem to put anything on aside from the same pieces I wear day in and day out, which really don't count as I love them so much they're never really taken off. I could state a whole handful of bloggers from whom I need to take accessorizing masterclasses from. Perhaps that's the next challenge: you can never have too many jewels, but if you can't see the wood from the trees then there may be a problem. My issue is that I get too obsessed with one brand-previously Kenneth Jay Lane and Dogeared, quickly moving on to House of Harlow-(again, I'm all about the expensive luxe aren't I) and then I covet these pieces over everything else. Such a dimwit-I can't see beyond what I want sometimes. I also love vintage jewellery and I have a lot of this, Adrian only ever buys me vintage because we both love the history behind it; nothing wrong with H. Samuel or Elizabeth Duke I suppose but it just doesn't get me excited!

House of Harlow
Well, this post has been a bit of an experiment. I know a post about some luxury brands I love has derailed into an insight into my shopping habits and thoughts but sometimes this happens and I  guess my blog is as good a place as any to let it all come out! Suffice to say, in the development of my style I would consider it to be 'Smart granny crossed with city slicker, with a touch of insouciance and quirk thrown in.' See, when it's written like that it actually sounds kind of kicky, dontcha think? Whether this translates over the coming posts I'll let you decide for yourselves, but basically I think it means that: Skirts are out, classic is in, harems are getting an early retirement, and I need to find some decent flat pumps. Not having a reinvention, just a wardrobe intervention in a bid to make my look more 'me' and less 'try hard.' The jury's out.....

Oh and PS! I wanted to thank everyone for the OVERWHELMING response to my money post! It was amazing, I hardly expected that reaction. I had tweets, emails, comments, the whole shebang! I was so touched by everyone who mentioned how much they liked my blog too; I could go all 'nawwww, you guys' on your asses but I won't, I'll say, genuinely and from the bottom of my heart, thank you all so much. Talk about an extended friends network! Thank you for following and commenting and inspiring me with your posts every day.
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Sassy said...

Great post.
I'm following you. I would very happy if you follow me too...
Alla moda e con stile

Carrie said...

I know how you feel with always wanting something else, even though when I bought that skirt/dress/necklace two days ago I thought that'd keep me satisfied for at least a week. I think it has to do with how consumerism is so higly valued in our cultures (at least it is here in Canada, not sure about where you live). It's like the person with the most wins. And I try to steer away from it, but it's hard. I sometimes feel like a walking contradiction.
...sorry that was somewhat of a ramble. Anyways, I love your blog, you actually inspired me to dress differently, and to start my own blog. Keep up the good work, and thank you!
<3 Carrie

Rosie Savage said...

That's a really great thing about having a blog actually - you can just watch your style evolve.
I've started buying a lot more from charity shops recently and a lot of my most commented posts are because of a charity shop item - win!
Oh god, I love House of Harlow too!

Rosie x

Anonymous said...

Ahh would love to own those trousers. We'll be together in our poor-ness ha
Also, I'm shocked I've met someone who has that blue dress. I looked allllll through your blog, well mostly, to try and find a pic of you in it! I feel like it should be your next outfit so we can be twins! ha xo.

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