Hello! I am back from an outfit-post hiatus! Unintentional, but created by bad weather, lack of a photographer, and work! But here I am, hope you haven't been to bored with my not outfit-related posts. I am also settling into my weekend as I have 2 days off! yay :) I am hoping to visit my favourite vintage jumble sale tomorrow and also maybe get a spot of lunch with Adrian.
 Guess who's been photoshopped! Adrian did it because I wouldn't have a clue how, but I love the results. I have a big spot on my face but thanks to the wonders of technology, it's gone! Oh yeah!
 I am wearing two gorgeous lacey pieces here-a blouse by Quiksilver Women, and a vintage shoulder padded bed jacket c/o The Cherry Closet! It's wonderful-I love it!
 My necklace got SO many compliments today! I hardly ever wear it but I think it complements the vintage look of the lace perfectly. It was a present from my lovely friend Ruth who has impeccable taste!
 My shoes are from a charity shop and only cost £1. They need reheeling so badly-I'm going to do this when I get paid! They're really comfy and they aren't too high so I am hoping to be able to wear them quite a bit.
 Bed Jacket: Vintage c/o The Cherry Closet Lace Blouse: Quiksilver Women Trousers H&M Shoes: Vintage Jewellery: Accessorize, Primark, Vintage Belt: Vintage
 I shared my bus journey home today with a boorish brute who insisted on telling his wife/lover how stupid she was because she'd left a bag containing a tin of Prince's salmon and a packet of bacon in the shopping mall. The poor woman was then subject to the reliving of every occasion she had ever lost anything: necklace, bag, groceries, blue fleece. The things you hear on a bus!
Have a fabulous weekend :)
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Charlotte said...

gorgeous! love those shoes a lot x

Sarah said...

Gorgeous photos!! xx

samecookiesdifferent said...

great pictures :D your lovely ! espec. love the shoes and jumper
xx the cookies
share the feeling
visit <3

Vix said...

You look stunning, Amie! The mix of textures are truly gorgeous. I love that bed jacket and your hair looks amazing.
Poor lady on the bus, I hate nagging men like that, how humiliating. I'd have been tempted to accidentally-on-purpose hit the back of his head with my heavy shopping bag. xxx

Unknown said...

These photos are stunning. i am following. :) http://lucylocketinyourpocket.blogspot.com/

Paint it Black said...

This is such a beautiful outfit hun I love all the lace and it is so edgy teamed with the black trousers the necklace is the perfect finishing touch enjoy your days off xoxo

Anonymous said...

Loving the photoshop pictures - you look amazing (not that you don't normally!) xx

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