Ugh, for goodness sake. I feel as if I have totally lost my fashion mojo at the moment. Nothing I put on looks right, everything I own, I now hate, I can't seem to find my place-well, I can, but I can't translate it from my head to the clothes on my back. I went into town today and did a little window shopping but even the normally buzzing high street did little to spark my inspiration. I saw a few lovely things in Whistles and Reiss-both wildly out of my price range-and tonight I am going to try and have a sort of my wardrobe to try and get the creative juices flowing. Maybe I am just thinking about it too much? I just feel I look so boring and uninteresting, that my style has become predictable and jaded. sigh.
EDIT: I've had to delete the main outfit shots because they were making me grizzly-ugh! 
I'd spent the morning with Age walking around the sunny (and busy!) Bristol city centre. We had a lovely lunch at Start the Bus and perused the selection on offer at the Vintage Jumble Sale-disappointingly, overpriced Primark and Motel cast offs which was in stark contrast to the booty I picked up in February, which included vintage heels, a blouse, 2 pairs of trousers, a playsuit and a blazer-all for £11! sadly this was not to be repeated today-when I'd gone and bought my eco tote bag to carry all my treasures home in, and all.

The one thing worth pointing out about this look are my new specs-FREE courtesy of Lensway. I'd never heard of this company before but they have a website through which you can get FREE spectacles now and then-follow them on Facebook to stay in the loop as to when they drop the freebie voucher codes. You get the  code, pick your frames, pop in your prescription (it's wise to have this to hand, you can get it from your optician) and then stick your code in and hey presto! done. All you pay for is the postage which was about £8. I picked these fab vintage style frames which retailed at £59.99!

What do you think?
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