Hello! I am back from an outfit-post hiatus! Unintentional, but created by bad weather, lack of a photographer, and work! But here I am, hope you haven't been to bored with my not outfit-related posts. I am also settling into my weekend as I have 2 days off! yay :) I am hoping to visit my favourite vintage jumble sale tomorrow and also maybe get a spot of lunch with Adrian.
 Guess who's been photoshopped! Adrian did it because I wouldn't have a clue how, but I love the results. I have a big spot on my face but thanks to the wonders of technology, it's gone! Oh yeah!
 I am wearing two gorgeous lacey pieces here-a blouse by Quiksilver Women, and a vintage shoulder padded bed jacket c/o The Cherry Closet! It's wonderful-I love it!
 My necklace got SO many compliments today! I hardly ever wear it but I think it complements the vintage look of the lace perfectly. It was a present from my lovely friend Ruth who has impeccable taste!
 My shoes are from a charity shop and only cost £1. They need reheeling so badly-I'm going to do this when I get paid! They're really comfy and they aren't too high so I am hoping to be able to wear them quite a bit.
 Bed Jacket: Vintage c/o The Cherry Closet Lace Blouse: Quiksilver Women Trousers H&M Shoes: Vintage Jewellery: Accessorize, Primark, Vintage Belt: Vintage
 I shared my bus journey home today with a boorish brute who insisted on telling his wife/lover how stupid she was because she'd left a bag containing a tin of Prince's salmon and a packet of bacon in the shopping mall. The poor woman was then subject to the reliving of every occasion she had ever lost anything: necklace, bag, groceries, blue fleece. The things you hear on a bus!
Have a fabulous weekend :)
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