Let the Sunshine in....

Finally! A sunshiny day, and one which is also my day off! double yay! I rarely get Saturdays off, and as Adrian is a freelancer we can spend the day together which is wonderful. We began by walking up into our local town in the morning (I had to post a couple of things, and as we'd got up early we thought we'd get a trip to the post office out the way!) we popped into the shop on the way back and bought some pain au chocolates for breakfast, after a quick look around the charity shops which sadly yielded nothing today! We were hoping to find a car boot sale as well but we are still working our way round the local area, (despite having lived here 6 months now! Incredible!) and we couldn't seem to find any.

Last night I went to Adrian's end of year (and degree!) exhibition. It was amazing, his degree is in Graphic Design but he is an Illustrator really, and one of only 3 more Illustratively-leaning artists on his course. As such there were big crowds around his work, because it was so different to everything else on show. I was so proud of him, he's worked so hard and achieved so much, and has really started to carve out a niche for himself as an artist in his own right. I know he is going to continue to do really well with his work as he is driven, determined and obscenely talented. Just today he made an amazing poster for a gig which I have already earmarked to put on the wall; I'm going to get him to make one without the text on it and get it framed. I love that we won't ever have to buy wall art-he can provide it all! 
These shoes (back onto a fashion tack!) are from French Connection and I love them, but am definitely going to put them on my ASOS Marketplace. I can't wear heels this high anymore! I don't know what's wrong with me, I love heels but at the moment I am having a real flat moment. I am holding my Koah flats which if you follow me on Twitter, you'll see I tweeted a pic of them. I can't get enough of them!

Blouse: Vaudeville & Burlesque Shorts: Whistles Shoes (in hand): Koah Shoes: French Connection Bag: Vintage Watch: Vintage Sunnies: Primark Scarf: Vintage

These sunnies are the second pair of the two I bought from Primark months ago. I love the shape and vintage feel to these ones and they only cost about £2. The first pair I've lost already which shows exactly why I don't buy sunnies from anywhere else (unless I find some really cheap at a boot sale/chazzer!)

I'm feeling a bit down on my blog at the moment. I'm not sure where it's going or where I want it to go, and I keep thinking I should close it and start all over again. I know everyone says it's not about the number of followers you have, but I do feel stuck in a rut and that it's never going to go any further. Perhaps I am just being silly but I am unsure on how to make it any better-thoughts? 
Also whilst we're on the topic of advice and thoughts, this top, which I adore, (and which is DRY CLEAN only!) has already managed to garner a stain-makeup on the collar. NUTS. Anyone have any idea how I can get this out? and can I hand wash it, or am I totes risking ruining it if I do this?! should I just dig deep and pay for a dry clean!? So annoying as I've worn it only TWICE!!
Have a wonderful weekend!
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mystyledefine said...

i love your blog, I enjoy reading about your vintage finds and how you style them with modern pieces... I dont think you should change a thing :o)

Charlotte said...

cute look - love your shoes!! xx


Vix said...

Don't stop the blog, Amie! I love your writing style and you.
I don't take much notice of dry-clean only tags on clothing (unless they are lined or covered in sequins). I swear by Poundland's version of Vanish's powder stain remover, shifts anything including curry! xxx

heartshapedbruise. said...

I think it would be a real shame to close your blog - it was one of the very first I discovered & piqued my interest in the blogging world :)


Princess and the pea x said...

Hi chicken, you have a great blog, don't give it up!! I would miss ya :-(. Look at my tiny bud of a blog only 69 followers (cos its crap ha) I know what you mean I have felt the same many times, but I like my blog for me too and to record my outfits.

Cute outfit and fab sunnies.

mwah xoxo

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